Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Welcome Ryder! (Goodbye Muzz)

Congratulations! You get to play for the team you belong on. From day one, I liked Ryder. And me likeing a Hab doesn't happen very often.

The jokers on Team 990 are calling it the worst deal of the day. Their retardness was at a high simply because of two words: Jeff Finger. If you really think that the Ryder deal was the worst of the day, regardless of your affliations, start watching basketball, because you don't know jack about hockey. However, I think part of this is due to the fact they fear Ryder will do well in Boston.

I'm really excited to see Ryder in black and gold this season and can't wait to wear my Ryder tee up to the Centre Bell this winter.

Best Headling of the Day:
Leafs Management Officially Gives Fans the "Finger"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Quick thoughts thus far...

While some teams are putting their puzzle together nicely, other teams look like they are just creating a cluster fuck.

Tampa Bay : Seriously? Did you forget your main problem last year??? You had no DEFENCE. So why are you signing every damn forward in the league? You are gonna score 8 goals a game next year but let in 9. They should have gone after Huet too.

Mats Sundin: Really? Word on the street is that offers are coming out to be aboot 10 million per year. I may be bias, but really? He's worth that???

I've like what you've done. Let's just hope their injury prone core stays healthy.

Stillman: From shitty hockey city, to an even shittier hockey city. Good for you.

Malkin = Crosby: I like that move. At this point in time, it's the way it should be.

1 Asshole down, 1 Asshole to go: So Tucker has a home, I don't know why. Avery is still homeless...

Bruins Front: Hossa, 100 million over 12 seasons? I don't want him that much. Charelli just reported that they made offers too 2 high profile UFA's. One said Boston isn't high on their list, and one is interested. My hopes is its Hossa saying no and Ryder saying yes. He's cheaper and a much better fit. We can't pay someone 10 million a year for the next decade. There are youngin's on the rise that are going to get mad pricey in the near future. Stay Tuned!