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Game 7.

I'm having trouble going to sleep tonight. The last time the Bruins were in the Cup finals, I was ten years old. My biggest concern was where my next glass of Kool-Aid was coming from and whether or not I could ride my bike for just five more minutes, Mom!
I've always been proud to be a Bruins fan. I've had t-shirts, hats, jerseys and posters. When all of my buddies jumped ship and started cheering for hometown boy John LeClair as he skated for the Habs, I remained with my team.
It hasn't always been busy. For a long time, the Bruins were just good enough to keep fans interested. They never payed for talent and Harry Sinden more than once drove players of town. So many coaches...Bowness, Sutter, Ftorek...the Bruins just couldn't seem to put together a team that was capable of stringing together the wins needed to advance as far as the playoffs.
The only constant on the team was Raymond Bourque and Donny Sweeney. And every single Bruins fan had their heart broken just a little when Bourque was traded west to realize his dream of winning the Cup. It was great to see him finally hoist the Cup after so many amazing years manning the blueline, but it was in a different uniform. And that cut us to our core.
And then things started to get better. Peter Chiarelli came in and Julien came on board. It seemed that the organization was finally tired of icing a team that barely drew interest from a city that has long been disappointed with the mismanagement of one of hockey's most storied teams.
Chara and Savvy came in and we started feeling our hopes raise. After so many years of watching a team seemingly cobbled together at random, stakes were being placed in concrete. Bergeron began to mature into the bedrock player that he is today. Some smart drafting turned up a monster from East Vancouver named Milan Lucic. Some kid named David Krejci came up from the Baby B's and had an impact, sticking with the team due to his crafty passes and deft skating.
Through Claude's steady, no-drama style, the Bruins progressively got better. They regained their sound defensive play that they've always been known for. After ripping through more goalies than we fans care to remember (Casey, Lacher, Grahame, Blue, Dafoe, Carrey, etc.) the Bruins "took a chance" on a man that was the veteran of about a dozen different leagues and just as many teams. Tim Thomas signed his contract with the Bruins and we true fans rejoiced, because we had seen this kid cut his teeth at UVM, earning All-American honors while wearing one of the goofiest helmets we had ever seen. We knew what this goalie brought to the table and that when his skills were in doubt, he played his best hockey.
All of these years brings us to tonight.
The Bruins will line up against the Canucks one last time, in the most important Bruins game that I can ever remember. With Timmy's help, they've stood tall against the "most powerful team in the league," the team with "the offense that can bury any team." Every road game has been close and every home game has been an absolute killing.
Being the fan of a team such as the Bruins isn't always easy. This isn't the Blue Jackets, where they have yet to build a strong tradition. They aren't measured against the names of players past...Schmidt, Shore, Orr, O'Reilly, Bourque, Neely...these names are almost impossible to measure up against. Many see anything less than a Stanley Cup as a failure, and when you're compared to names like that, it's easy to see why.
The players will step on the ice tonight wearing the spoked B on their chest. On their shoulders will be not only their hopes and wishes and dreams, but also the cheers and claps and joyful screams of so many fans of the Boston Bruins, spread to all corners of the world. I love wearing Bruins gear, whether it's in this country or abroad and see how many people will give me a thumbs up. It always stops me in my tracks and makes me proud to be a supporter of such a team.
Whatever happens tomorrow night, I will be proud of my chosen team. They will have no reason not to hold their heads high. They've left it all on the ice up to this point...and all we're asking for is one more game, boys.
One more game. Go out there for sixty minutes and cement your place in the history and tradition that is Boston Bruins hockey. Wear that sweater proudly and make every Bruin past, present and future proud.
Black and gold. It doesn't get more classic than that.
Go, boys. Go. One more game.
Go B's.

Wednesday Night...

With their inspired play, the boys have pushed this series to the holiest of all things hockey: Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals.
I don't think it gets much better than this.
After answering questions and making comments that obviously woke Karma up from a deep sleep, Luongo once again looked like a scared little pup in the Garden last night. He let up three quick goals and the Canucks never recovered.
Couple things:
-Horton waving the towels. Pure. Fucking. Cold. Chills.
-Marchand's sniper-ish wrist shot that got things going set the tone and set it early.
-Bodies flying everywhere, with the boys refusing to back down.
-Continued flopping and diving by the Canucks, specifically Tampon #1 and Tampon #2. Apparently since they're not helping on the scoreboard, they're resorting to these bullshit moves that is doing nothing to further their reputation in the league. And the fact that Marchand could punch one of those fuckers FOUR TIMES in the face, and he doesn't respond except to whine to the ref, shows just how much backbone these dudes have.
-Old Man Recchi...if this is your final skate into the sunset (and it sounds more and more like it is), you are doing yourself proud. Whatever happens in Game 7, there will be no doubt that you did everything you could to help your team win.
-Thornton/Campbell/Paille...good to see the "4th" line turning and burning on every single shift. The intensity these guys bring is something to behold.
-And still, as always, Timmy Fucking Thomas. At this point, he has the Conn Smythe locked up. Not that his teammates have needed the help in Boston, but when they have those few moments of help back there, Timmy has stood tall again and again and again. Timmy will forever drink for free in Boston.
The Bruins have boarded Bear Force One for the long flight to Vancouver. I have no doubt the rink up there is going to be loud and nasty. The Bruins have flat-out molested Luongo (it puts the lotion in the basket, Roberto) with each game in Boston and they'll have to keep this going up north.
Timmy will no doubt give them the support in goal that they've had all series. 7 goals in 6 games? Once again, the man is posting what appear to be doctored numbers.
After wednesday night, hockey is over. No more high sticks, no more busted noses, no more balls-out hustle to get that icing, no more scrums in front of the net.
All of New England is cheering for you, boys. We believe in our Bruins. Our team was not picked to advance far into the playoffs and every single commentator and watcher of hockey has doubted you. We know deep down that you guys can do this. We know that you are the better team and that when your backs are to the wall (like they were last night), you play your best hockey. Take your inspiration from wherever you need it (pre-game videos, Cam Neely talking to you, seeing Horty walking around), and let's wrap this shit up. Bring the Cup home to Boston, to the city that has cheered so loudly for each and every good effort you've put forth.
The time is now. Finish this. We want the Cup.
Go B's.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Complete And Total Domination

If the Canucks weren't doubting themselves after their 8-1 loss on monday night, they will be now. Last night the Bruins put together their best game of the postseason and just ran those fuckers over.
The team is obviously rallying around their fallen teammate, Nathan Horton, and using his loss to get motivated. The hometown crowd is also giving these guys an extra jump in their step and they've been feeding off of the flat out amazing noise emanating from the faithful.
Couple things:
-What an amazing sight to see the one and only Bobby Orr waving Horton's flag prior to the opening faceoff. As an organization, the Bruins do alot of things right, and this just further exemplifies that thought. I'm sure it got the boys riled up.
-Last night I was speaking to someone and stated that Chiarelli is looking pretty smucking fart right now for picking up Kelly and Peverley. Though a bit underwhelming after their trades, these guys have stepped up and played like stars during the playoffs. Peverley is a sneaky fucking skater that is consistently surprising opposing dmen with his hustle and skill. Last night's two goals is my case in point. His first was just beautiful, beating Luongo cleanly and his second was a direct result of his hustle and constant push to get to the net. Kelly has been dependable as hell, though I'm still lobbying for him to put the cage from the first round back on.
-Perhaps wisely, the Canucks decided not to make things too chippy early on in the game. Team toughness is something the Bruins had all frickin year long, and the Canucks learned they just can't play that game with them.
-Speaking of toughness, the insertion of Thornton into the lineup has brought further motivation to the team. He's obviously a vocal guy on the bench and when he's there, the boys play with more intensity. As a Bruin, Thornton has never been the prototypical "tough guy" (i.e. Brashear, Laraque, etc.). Yes, he can trade punches with the best of him, but unlike the other guys, he can actually score some goals and draw calls. More importantly, he is not a liability out there. It was great to see Thornton/Campbell/Paille together, because anyone that watched Bruins hockey this year knew that they were one of the most consistent lines. I liked that Claude put them out there pretty much after every Bruins goal, as if to show the other guys that they still needed to hustle and muck it out even though the score was climbing.
-There are some that were saying what Marchand did to Tampon #1 or #2 was cheap. I would love to see how they would react if you're much smaller than the guy coming in at full speed trying to take your head off. And the fact that Rome almost killed Horton last game makes me take a deep breath and want to yell FUCK. YOU. Marchand was protecting himself. It's not his fault that Tampon #1 or #2 can't challenge a guy properly.
-The secret is finally out on Adam McQuaid. This kid is just a pillar of nasty and no one wants to go with him. He's turned into such a reliable dman back there and the Bruins are lucky to have him. I'm thinking that Erhoff must have tinkled in his shorts a little bit when he saw that it was McQuaid trying to get at him. The fact that McQuaid's haircut makes him look like an extra from Mad Max is even better. He's making Corky Kaberle look like an even larger vagina and has me pining for a D-pairing of McQuaid and Mark "Caveman" Stuart.
-And in what is a recurring theme: Timmy. Fucking. Thomas. Jesus Christ. In four games, the Canucks have scored 5 goals. That's it. Five goals. The Bruins were supposed to be blown away with the offensive output of the Canucks. That just hasn't happened. Timmy played his best game yet last night, stopping every puck they threw at him. Players are starting to figure out that he's not a bump on a log like Luongo and he should I put this..."interact" with you if you get in his crease, knock his stick out of his hands, etc. Burrows found out the hard way last night that Timmy is an emotional guy and won't take any shit. I mean this is the guy that once faced down A FUCKING BEAR THAT WAS TRYING TO CLIMB THE TREE HE WAS IN. You think pressure or Burrows can get in Timmy's head? Please.
The boys have battled back from 2-0. They've outscored the Canucks 14 to 5 in the series. They're used to being doubted, they're used to having to play catch-up in the series. When their backs are to the wall, this year's version of the Bruins play their best hockey. All tied up, they will head back to Vancouver for a friday night showdown. Seriously, does it get much better than this?
G0 B's.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Both teams finally showed their true colors on Monday night. The Bruins, obviously happy to be home and in front of their faithful supporters, put together a game for the ages. What a fucking game...after a pretty tight 1st period, the flood gates opened and the boys scored goal after goal after goal. Luongo looked like a terrified sorority girl at her first frat party. That fucker couldn't stop anything. After the game, my hand was sore from giving so many high fives to my fellow fans in Section 313. My voice is blasted and I'm not sure it will ever come back. The last time my ears rang for that long was when I went to see Metallica...the crowd's noise was a physical beast in the Garden and the Canucks obviously had no idea which way was up.
Couple things:
-What a pussy hit on Horton. That poor fucking kid had no idea Rome was there and Rome just lit him the fuck up. Some fucktards out there were saying that Horton was watching his pass...Rome went out of his way to deliver an incredibly late hit. Fuck him. It was probably a good thing they only showed the replay once on the big screen, as they might have had a riot on their hands. Horton's a tough kid and has put together pretty decent numbers for his first go in the playoffs, and the Bruins will have to shuffle some lines. Here's hoping to a fast recovery, Horty. And go burn in hell, Rome. I'm sure next year Horton will say hello to your yellow ass.
-Marchand had just about the prettiest shorty I've ever seen. The creativity and speed of this kid was on display as he passed himself the puck off of the boards and blew around the d-man. He waited and waited and waited...and roofed that fucker right over Luongo. The roof almost came off the Garden. I read somewhere that twice the noise level in the Garden reached 118 decibels, and this was one of those times. There's no better way to make a team your bitch...
-Although they readily admitted it was a "classless" move, and although Looch and Recchi got their asses chewed for doing it, the finger in the faces of Lapierre and Chompers was great. The NHL failed to send a message when Burrows fucking BIT Patty Cake. Betteman should have stepped in and said "No, this is the fucking NHL, we don't tolerate that bullshit", but he failed to do so. When I finally got home, I watched the game and rewound the part several times when Looch chopped Burrows down from behind and then gave him a left to the head....fucking awesome. The Canucks tried to play a street fight kind of game...don't they know that this is the kind of game the Bruins prefer??? Guess not.
-And then the bullshit, pussy-ass play of the Sedins...what a bunch of whiny babies. Yeah, put Ference in a headlock. That will definitely increase your chances of living to see next season.
-And finally, Timmy. Fucking. Thomas. Some people (probably the same ones that were mooing like cattle last year to trade him) said that he was too aggressive and lost Game 2 for his team. That aggressivess is what makes this guy the best goalie in the league. Timmy was just putting on a fucking clinic out there. We were trying to figure out how he sees the fucking puck. He must have some type of classified radar built into that helmet of his, because it's just not human. And his hit on one of the Sedins (I'm not sure which one, Tampon #1 or Tampon #2) was fucking classic. Stay the fuck out of my crease, Swede!
It's going to be a hot day in Boston. It's going to be an even more important game inside tonight. The boys have to keep up that physical tempo, because no one can hang with them when they do. Seguin will be back in and Thornton (who was loudly cheered every time he came on the ice) will get some time again. It was great to see Thornton out there. That guy put his ass and face on the line all season for his teammates and I'm sure they got a lift out of having him out there. The refs threw him out on a bullshit call, trying to keep control of a game that they had already lost control of. He didn't like it and I'm sure will channel some of that rage into tonight.
Game 4. You're in Luongo's head. You're down a first line winger. You're playing the most important hockey of the year. Check them hard and let them know you're there.
Go B's.

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Tough Way To Lose Redux

My head is still spinning from last night's game.
Up 2 to 1. Blow the lead. Push them to OT.
And then about two fucking seconds in, Chompers beats Timmy, who was on some sort of expedition to the far boards.
So many things are going through my mind, but there are children in the world. OH WAIT, IT'S MY FUCKING BLOG.
Deep breath.
I grinned happily when I saw the replay of Rich "Paul Bunyan" Peverley chopping down Bieksa. Fine, NHL. You want to let Chompers play, well we got your apples right here.
The hockey gods have smiled upon my pasty ass, and I'll be at the game tomorrow night. I'm sure the boys will be glad to play in their rink and Rene will do his part to get everyone pumped up. I'll be doing my best to make that place as fucking hostile as possible. And if I see those stupid fucking green dudes, they're going to learn just how it feels to shit spandex after having it unceremoniously stuffed up their asses.
Let's win this one...
Go B's.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tough Way To Lose

I didn't think that Game 1 would be a battle like I saw last night. I was sure the Canucks would get on the board often and early, even with the amazing play of Timmy.
I guess I was wrong.
Although I'm not happy with the loss of Game 1, the Bruins played a solid game. They didn't back down from the physical aspect (or the pussy-ass aspect that Chompers Burrows brought into the game) and they had their share of great scoring chances.
Timmy and Luongo played amazing games, and it looked like it was going to OT until that Torres fucker scored.
Few things:
-The PP finally got some good looks and all it took was getting Chara to plant his ass in front of the net. Both teams had 5 on 3 opportunities and both failed to put one past the other goalie.
-I was impressed with the play of Ference and Seidenberg. These guys are showing up game after game and their physical play hasn't trailed off.
-Ryder needs to fucking SKATE. Kelly was his usual self, and even Seguin was putting the body on people, but Ryder was coasting yet again. This is not the time of year for that shit, young man.
-Krejci was trying to be too cute again. Looch has to do the north/south thing and establish presence in front of the net. I wasn't too impressed with Horton's chances either.
They are down by one game now and shouldn't hang their heads. It was a great game all around. Regroup and be ready for Game 2.
Go B's.