Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tough Way To Lose

I didn't think that Game 1 would be a battle like I saw last night. I was sure the Canucks would get on the board often and early, even with the amazing play of Timmy.
I guess I was wrong.
Although I'm not happy with the loss of Game 1, the Bruins played a solid game. They didn't back down from the physical aspect (or the pussy-ass aspect that Chompers Burrows brought into the game) and they had their share of great scoring chances.
Timmy and Luongo played amazing games, and it looked like it was going to OT until that Torres fucker scored.
Few things:
-The PP finally got some good looks and all it took was getting Chara to plant his ass in front of the net. Both teams had 5 on 3 opportunities and both failed to put one past the other goalie.
-I was impressed with the play of Ference and Seidenberg. These guys are showing up game after game and their physical play hasn't trailed off.
-Ryder needs to fucking SKATE. Kelly was his usual self, and even Seguin was putting the body on people, but Ryder was coasting yet again. This is not the time of year for that shit, young man.
-Krejci was trying to be too cute again. Looch has to do the north/south thing and establish presence in front of the net. I wasn't too impressed with Horton's chances either.
They are down by one game now and shouldn't hang their heads. It was a great game all around. Regroup and be ready for Game 2.
Go B's.

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