Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Both teams finally showed their true colors on Monday night. The Bruins, obviously happy to be home and in front of their faithful supporters, put together a game for the ages. What a fucking game...after a pretty tight 1st period, the flood gates opened and the boys scored goal after goal after goal. Luongo looked like a terrified sorority girl at her first frat party. That fucker couldn't stop anything. After the game, my hand was sore from giving so many high fives to my fellow fans in Section 313. My voice is blasted and I'm not sure it will ever come back. The last time my ears rang for that long was when I went to see Metallica...the crowd's noise was a physical beast in the Garden and the Canucks obviously had no idea which way was up.
Couple things:
-What a pussy hit on Horton. That poor fucking kid had no idea Rome was there and Rome just lit him the fuck up. Some fucktards out there were saying that Horton was watching his pass...Rome went out of his way to deliver an incredibly late hit. Fuck him. It was probably a good thing they only showed the replay once on the big screen, as they might have had a riot on their hands. Horton's a tough kid and has put together pretty decent numbers for his first go in the playoffs, and the Bruins will have to shuffle some lines. Here's hoping to a fast recovery, Horty. And go burn in hell, Rome. I'm sure next year Horton will say hello to your yellow ass.
-Marchand had just about the prettiest shorty I've ever seen. The creativity and speed of this kid was on display as he passed himself the puck off of the boards and blew around the d-man. He waited and waited and waited...and roofed that fucker right over Luongo. The roof almost came off the Garden. I read somewhere that twice the noise level in the Garden reached 118 decibels, and this was one of those times. There's no better way to make a team your bitch...
-Although they readily admitted it was a "classless" move, and although Looch and Recchi got their asses chewed for doing it, the finger in the faces of Lapierre and Chompers was great. The NHL failed to send a message when Burrows fucking BIT Patty Cake. Betteman should have stepped in and said "No, this is the fucking NHL, we don't tolerate that bullshit", but he failed to do so. When I finally got home, I watched the game and rewound the part several times when Looch chopped Burrows down from behind and then gave him a left to the head....fucking awesome. The Canucks tried to play a street fight kind of game...don't they know that this is the kind of game the Bruins prefer??? Guess not.
-And then the bullshit, pussy-ass play of the Sedins...what a bunch of whiny babies. Yeah, put Ference in a headlock. That will definitely increase your chances of living to see next season.
-And finally, Timmy. Fucking. Thomas. Some people (probably the same ones that were mooing like cattle last year to trade him) said that he was too aggressive and lost Game 2 for his team. That aggressivess is what makes this guy the best goalie in the league. Timmy was just putting on a fucking clinic out there. We were trying to figure out how he sees the fucking puck. He must have some type of classified radar built into that helmet of his, because it's just not human. And his hit on one of the Sedins (I'm not sure which one, Tampon #1 or Tampon #2) was fucking classic. Stay the fuck out of my crease, Swede!
It's going to be a hot day in Boston. It's going to be an even more important game inside tonight. The boys have to keep up that physical tempo, because no one can hang with them when they do. Seguin will be back in and Thornton (who was loudly cheered every time he came on the ice) will get some time again. It was great to see Thornton out there. That guy put his ass and face on the line all season for his teammates and I'm sure they got a lift out of having him out there. The refs threw him out on a bullshit call, trying to keep control of a game that they had already lost control of. He didn't like it and I'm sure will channel some of that rage into tonight.
Game 4. You're in Luongo's head. You're down a first line winger. You're playing the most important hockey of the year. Check them hard and let them know you're there.
Go B's.

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Great picture, my boy TIMMMMMMMMY, Great Blog, so glad you were there...Great TEAM...Go Bruins Go!