Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wednesday Night...

With their inspired play, the boys have pushed this series to the holiest of all things hockey: Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals.
I don't think it gets much better than this.
After answering questions and making comments that obviously woke Karma up from a deep sleep, Luongo once again looked like a scared little pup in the Garden last night. He let up three quick goals and the Canucks never recovered.
Couple things:
-Horton waving the towels. Pure. Fucking. Cold. Chills.
-Marchand's sniper-ish wrist shot that got things going set the tone and set it early.
-Bodies flying everywhere, with the boys refusing to back down.
-Continued flopping and diving by the Canucks, specifically Tampon #1 and Tampon #2. Apparently since they're not helping on the scoreboard, they're resorting to these bullshit moves that is doing nothing to further their reputation in the league. And the fact that Marchand could punch one of those fuckers FOUR TIMES in the face, and he doesn't respond except to whine to the ref, shows just how much backbone these dudes have.
-Old Man Recchi...if this is your final skate into the sunset (and it sounds more and more like it is), you are doing yourself proud. Whatever happens in Game 7, there will be no doubt that you did everything you could to help your team win.
-Thornton/Campbell/Paille...good to see the "4th" line turning and burning on every single shift. The intensity these guys bring is something to behold.
-And still, as always, Timmy Fucking Thomas. At this point, he has the Conn Smythe locked up. Not that his teammates have needed the help in Boston, but when they have those few moments of help back there, Timmy has stood tall again and again and again. Timmy will forever drink for free in Boston.
The Bruins have boarded Bear Force One for the long flight to Vancouver. I have no doubt the rink up there is going to be loud and nasty. The Bruins have flat-out molested Luongo (it puts the lotion in the basket, Roberto) with each game in Boston and they'll have to keep this going up north.
Timmy will no doubt give them the support in goal that they've had all series. 7 goals in 6 games? Once again, the man is posting what appear to be doctored numbers.
After wednesday night, hockey is over. No more high sticks, no more busted noses, no more balls-out hustle to get that icing, no more scrums in front of the net.
All of New England is cheering for you, boys. We believe in our Bruins. Our team was not picked to advance far into the playoffs and every single commentator and watcher of hockey has doubted you. We know deep down that you guys can do this. We know that you are the better team and that when your backs are to the wall (like they were last night), you play your best hockey. Take your inspiration from wherever you need it (pre-game videos, Cam Neely talking to you, seeing Horty walking around), and let's wrap this shit up. Bring the Cup home to Boston, to the city that has cheered so loudly for each and every good effort you've put forth.
The time is now. Finish this. We want the Cup.
Go B's.


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