Thursday, March 18, 2010

You can keep talking Colin, but we aren't listening

Just when I thought I couldn't get more annoyed with the whole Savard debacle, I came across this gem. An excerpt from a TSN newsfeed.

It's expected that the league executives will meet personally tomorrow with both general managers -- Boston's Peter Chiarelli and Pittsburgh's Ray Shero - as well as both head coaches - Boston's Claude Julien and Pittsburgh's Dan Bylsma - to ensure that whatever happens in terms of retribution, it falls within reasonable limits.

AKA...I didn't do my job, so don't embarrass me further.

After Claude and Peter meet with Colin, I hope their message to the boys goes something like this…

Fuck up Cooke, then fuck up Sidney. And if Malkin ends up playing, Fuck up Geno. Take a run at that little French Fucker in net too. And while your at it, Orpik is a douche… Fuck him up too.

Screw Colin, Screw Matt Cooke, Screw Sidney. I want to see Randy Couture out there tonight in a B's jersey.

Call Me An Ugly American...

But the Bruins should dismantle Cooke tonight.

And Sidney Crosby better keep his head up.

Go B's.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keep On Pluggin', Boys

7-2-3 in their last 12. That's a little more like it.
Their 5-1 drubbing of the Flyers was something fun to watch. I don't know who the fuck pissed off Caveman before the game, but he played what was most likely his best game in a Bruins uniform. Aggressive as hell (two fights and a few big ass hits) and making smart choices with the puck, he was a pillar of studness out there. And yes, that's what I call my nether regions as well.
The Bruins are pushing and pushing, as the season is quickly winding down.
Of course, they are going to be doing this without Savard. I'm not going to get into the entire incident with Matt Cooke. If you don't know what happened by now, then you're retarded and you should go back to watch As The World Turns.
I'm reading a book right now called The Code. It's all about hockey fights and retaliation and playing through injuries etc. etc. etc. What pisses me off about the NHL today is the lack of accountability for chickenshit players like Cooke. If this was pretty much anytime before 1995, Cooke would have been smashed into the ice that night...and Crosby would most likely be taken off on a stretcher the next time they play. Best player for best player, eye for an eye. I'm not saying that this was the right or wrong way to do things, but goddamnit, players sure seemed a bit more accountable when they knew that a Dave Semenko or Stu Grimson or Marty McSorley or Joey Kocur or Bob Cokehead, I mean Probert, was going to be coming after them for looking sideways at their superstar. Gone are the days when some random brawler from the minors would be called up for one game because things were going to get nasty. I think that's too bad.
The NHL has missed two golden opportunities to set examples in a very short time frame.
1.The Savard/Cooke incident
2.Daniel Carcillo shoving the linesman after a minor scrum the other night. To the linesman's credit, he stuck a finger right in Carcillo's face and yelled "Don't ever fucking push me!" I love HD and the ability to read lips.
I'm just curious how much longer the NHL is going to let some of this chickenshit happen. I'm going to descend from my soapbox now or else I'm going to start sounding like one of those used tampons over at TSN.
So the boys are in Montreal tonight. Goddamn, I forget how much I hate the fucking Habs. At least they're having a similar season. B's lose to the Leafs in OT the other night. The Habs beat the Oilers in the shootout last night. The Leafs and Oilers are shit.
We'll see how it goes tonight. Check out the Four Habs Fans. Careful clicking on the links, otherwise you might end of up with a screen full of scheisse porn.
Go B's.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crosby. Gag.

The Bruins have played much better over the past two games, but offense is still an issue. They've beat the Leafs and the Isles, which is like saying you stole a wallet from a dead guy. The Penguins are obviously going to put up a much better defense, so the Bruins will have to go and go hard.

Couple things I would do if I were Julien:

-Make Fake Wheeler a healthy scratch. He isn't even competing and there are P-Bruins (ie Marchand) that deserve a shot. Wheeler needs to learn that consistent effort is just as important as scoring goals.
-Keep Savvy and Satan together. I think that Satan is getting hot, and don't forget, this guy has some pretty decent career goal totals. Yes, they signed him from the bargain bin, but that's also where they got Tim Thomas (and look how that has turned out).
-Bring McQuaid back up and scratch Hunwick. Pair him with Stuart and watch the bodies fly.
-On the PP, let Patty Cake and Wideman man the points. Put Chara in front of the net. They're looking to generate offense and whenever they do this, they always seem to score. I honestly have no idea why they don't do it more often.
-Keep giving Johnny Upchuk minutes. That dude is playing his fucking ass off and his poise makes him look like a veteran blueliner.
-Keep Begin, Edgecrusher and Looch together. They generated some good chances today and it will help remind Looch to keep his game simple. When he gets all artsy fartsy (yeah, I just typed that), he loses all of his effectiveness.

That's all I got. They have a real test in front of them tomorrow. Points are at an absolute premium, so we'll see if they come out looking for the win...or if they're just going to roll over quietly, piddle themselves, and slink back to the locker room. I certainly hope it's the former.

Go B's.

Well It's About Fucking Time

The Bruins have called up Brad Marchand for the game against the Isles today. I'm just curious if he will be allowed to go 10 to 15 games without producing as Sobotka has done/always does. I'm starting to think that young Vladimir has pictures of Chiarelli and Neely doing horrible things to a goat or something.

Couple things:
-The physical play helps the Bruins focus, so they have to keep that up. If they knock Tavares on his ass a few times, he won't be a factor.
-Hopefully Timmy can keep his mojo going. It would be great if he got hot right now.
-If Wheeler doesn't score, I will stab myself.
-If Ryder doesn't score, I will stab myself.
-If the Bruins don't score, I will stab myself.

Go B's.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ol' One Nut Shoots A Blank...Actually With One Nut, That Might Be All You Can Shoot

Entertaining hockey game, yes? It was good to see Looch get the sand out of his lucina and drop the gloves with fellow big boy Colton Orr. He took a couple right off that Serbian nose of his, but he stayed right in there. And I really enjoyed Begin's suplex on Orr later in the game. I think he almost managed to crack his face open on the ice though.
Couple things:
-Seidenberg: eh. Nothing flashy...with that 44, I actually thought Ward had come back to town.
-I almost shit in my pants when Kessel had a breakaway, and then I almost filled my drawers with happy juice when Timmy stuffed him. I know that at some point Ol' One Nut will score on the Bruins, but it didn't happen tonight, so fuck him and his 5.5 million dollar deal.
-Timmy looked pretty f-ing good, especially in the shootout.
-Satan conjured up some dark magic for his chance in the shootout. It looked like a move I used to do...okay, try in street hockey.
-No shows: Wheeler and Krejci. You guys know that there was a game tonight, right?
-Johnny Fucking Upchuck: the Empire called. They want your shot from the point to go after some rebel scum.
-Hunwick: what the fuck are you doing? And where the hell was Ference? Did his herbal and organic alarm clock not go off?
-I miss PJ.

Entertaining game. They still HAVE to get the scoring going. Fights and hits and physical play are great and fun to watch, but fuck man...goals are nice.
Go B's.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chiarelli Shakes Up Team With Huge Moves what I would be saying if he had done so.
Alas, he did not. However, there weren't really any players out there that were A. available and B. that I would like to see be a Bruin. Every name that came up (Whitney, Selanne, Tkachuk, etc.) belonged to a senior freakin' citizen (what movie is that from?). I wouldn't take on any of their contracts, nor would I lose draft picks, young players, etc. for them.
So...Chuck Morris has once again headed west. Chiarelli said that Chuck got "a little emotional" when asked to waive his no-trade clause. I'm guessing that Neely had to run down the hallway and save Peter. I mean I really like Chiarelli, but he played college hockey. Thus, he does not know how to fight. (If anyone wants to challenge this, look at Hal Gill - 6'7", 250 pounds, should be a stud...look for any of his fights, EVER, on Youtube, and let me know what you see). Anyway, Chuck didn't really do what he was supposed to do when he signed a one year deal. Yes, he QBed the 2nd PP unit, but he never really clicked with Chara and wasn't as advertised.
I am a bit sad to see Bacon Bitz go away. This kid at least tried...and the fans seemed to get a kick out of him. I would have LOVED to see Sobotka go the fuck away. Why do they continue to think so highly of him? Stick his ass back in Providence. He's one of those guys that can have monster success down there, but it doesn't always translate in the big show.
ANYWAY, some new guys will be in tomorrow, Toronto is coming to town, blah blah blah. After the two week layoff, and the four game winning streak prior to, I was expecting a huge game last night...not the roll over and show them our genitals because we submit (REALLY??? TO AN ALASKAN MEXICAN???) "effort" that they put up against the Habs.
So fuck it. At least Ol' One Nut will be in the Garden tomorrow. I look forward to all the boos every freaking time he touches the puck. And, as long as the Leafs keep sucking (they're worse than the Canes now, and that's fuckin' saying something), the Bruins stand a very good chance of getting some high picks in the first round.
Go B's.