Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ol' One Nut Shoots A Blank...Actually With One Nut, That Might Be All You Can Shoot

Entertaining hockey game, yes? It was good to see Looch get the sand out of his lucina and drop the gloves with fellow big boy Colton Orr. He took a couple right off that Serbian nose of his, but he stayed right in there. And I really enjoyed Begin's suplex on Orr later in the game. I think he almost managed to crack his face open on the ice though.
Couple things:
-Seidenberg: eh. Nothing flashy...with that 44, I actually thought Ward had come back to town.
-I almost shit in my pants when Kessel had a breakaway, and then I almost filled my drawers with happy juice when Timmy stuffed him. I know that at some point Ol' One Nut will score on the Bruins, but it didn't happen tonight, so fuck him and his 5.5 million dollar deal.
-Timmy looked pretty f-ing good, especially in the shootout.
-Satan conjured up some dark magic for his chance in the shootout. It looked like a move I used to do...okay, try in street hockey.
-No shows: Wheeler and Krejci. You guys know that there was a game tonight, right?
-Johnny Fucking Upchuck: the Empire called. They want your shot from the point to go after some rebel scum.
-Hunwick: what the fuck are you doing? And where the hell was Ference? Did his herbal and organic alarm clock not go off?
-I miss PJ.

Entertaining game. They still HAVE to get the scoring going. Fights and hits and physical play are great and fun to watch, but fuck man...goals are nice.
Go B's.

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