Sunday, January 24, 2010


How fucking brutal was it to watch that game? I've never seen Julien chew ass on the bench like that. Damn.
Wideman has been on my shitlist all year, but that dude didn't miss a shift AFTER SPITTING MOST OF HIS TEETH OUT. Now if that's not tough, I don't know what is.

But they still sucked. And I think that something big has to happen. They have several days off, which could cause them to sink to pretty much dead frickin' last. I'm truly hoping from the bottom of my black, rotten heart that the Olympic break will be a blessing. Guys will be able to heal. If I were Julien, I would tell them that this is basically a season reboot. A do-over. A mulligan. However the fuck you want to think of it. The first fifty games didn't count. Go out like raped apes and win every fucking game down the stretch.

Or just continue to slide quietly into the end of the season, stopping periodically to change your tampon so that TSS doesn't set in (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, BIG V).

Either way, go B's.

Who The Fuck Are These Guys?


I heard that Taken II is coming out in late fall. It seems that Jeremy Jacobs has commissioned Liam Neeson to go find the real Boston Bruins, who are undoubtedly locked in a tiny cell right now, slowly withering away from the heat and lack of food. Then Neeson is going to come and save me, because I'm withering away from lack of goals, lack of fights, lack of effort and lack of effort. Yes, I wrote that twice. It's double-true.

Six Bruins have played well consistently this year: Tuukka, Patty Cake, Old Man Recchi, Caveman Stuart, Edgecrusher Thornton and Frenchy Begin.

Some thoughts:
Wheeler: we paid for you? Really? REALLY? Just because you're breathing hard at the end of your shift doesn't mean you're trying hard.
Ryder: you are resembling Glen Murray more and more every game that you go without scoring.
Krejci: they were calling you "Matrix" last year because you looked like you were slowing time down. This year it just looks like you are moving so fucking slow that some no-talent-assclown (i.e. Komisarek) can lay you out. I swear to Christ, when the season is over, it better come out that you have been playing all year after being paralyzed. This is the only way I will respect your "efforts" this year. The two other centers go down with injuries...and you just disappear as well. Nice.
Bitz: I don't know what Julien was thinking putting you on the top line. You're a mucker and grinder. Keep it ugly.
Sobotka: Hey Comrade Vladimir, I have an idea! Why don't you go the seventh layer of Bruins Prospect Hell and hang out with Ivan Huml, Andy Hilbert and Andre Savage? They're waiting for you and I am sick and fucking tired of watching you fill up a uniform.
Chara: Z. The Big Guy. The Big Z. Z rhymes with V. V is for vagina. Which is how you've been playing. And yes, I would say this to your face. Actually, it would probably be a nipple because of the whole height thing.
Wideman: See Wheeler.
Chuck Fucking Morris: trying to be too smooth.
Ference: oh wait, you're hurt? Still or again? I can't keep track.
Hunwick: all that money you got in arbitration must be slowing you down, because you've been skating like you're lugging around a barrelful of smashed assholes.
Timmy Thomas: man, you're breaking my heart. Where's the snap and the pop? Please please please don't pull a Blaine Lacher/Jim Carey and disappear on us.

Looch and Savvy have missed so much with injuries that they're basically a non-factor. Paille came over and has been a bright spot, as has Johhny Upchuck.

In closing, I miss PJ.

Pull your fucking heads out of your ass, throw some fucking bodychecks, and score some fucking goals.

Go B's.

Friday, January 1, 2010