Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chiarelli Shakes Up Team With Huge Moves what I would be saying if he had done so.
Alas, he did not. However, there weren't really any players out there that were A. available and B. that I would like to see be a Bruin. Every name that came up (Whitney, Selanne, Tkachuk, etc.) belonged to a senior freakin' citizen (what movie is that from?). I wouldn't take on any of their contracts, nor would I lose draft picks, young players, etc. for them.
So...Chuck Morris has once again headed west. Chiarelli said that Chuck got "a little emotional" when asked to waive his no-trade clause. I'm guessing that Neely had to run down the hallway and save Peter. I mean I really like Chiarelli, but he played college hockey. Thus, he does not know how to fight. (If anyone wants to challenge this, look at Hal Gill - 6'7", 250 pounds, should be a stud...look for any of his fights, EVER, on Youtube, and let me know what you see). Anyway, Chuck didn't really do what he was supposed to do when he signed a one year deal. Yes, he QBed the 2nd PP unit, but he never really clicked with Chara and wasn't as advertised.
I am a bit sad to see Bacon Bitz go away. This kid at least tried...and the fans seemed to get a kick out of him. I would have LOVED to see Sobotka go the fuck away. Why do they continue to think so highly of him? Stick his ass back in Providence. He's one of those guys that can have monster success down there, but it doesn't always translate in the big show.
ANYWAY, some new guys will be in tomorrow, Toronto is coming to town, blah blah blah. After the two week layoff, and the four game winning streak prior to, I was expecting a huge game last night...not the roll over and show them our genitals because we submit (REALLY??? TO AN ALASKAN MEXICAN???) "effort" that they put up against the Habs.
So fuck it. At least Ol' One Nut will be in the Garden tomorrow. I look forward to all the boos every freaking time he touches the puck. And, as long as the Leafs keep sucking (they're worse than the Canes now, and that's fuckin' saying something), the Bruins stand a very good chance of getting some high picks in the first round.
Go B's.

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