Thursday, February 11, 2010

Violence Is Good, Mmmmkay?

Seriously, aside from all the limp wristed naysayers in the world, who the hell doesn't like a physical hockey game? Bodies flying, fists crunching off helmets, everyone keeping their head up so they're not taken off the ice on a stretcher...
Ah, hockey.
That being said, fuck Steve Downie. I was laughing and watched the clip about seven times. Chara was just standing there...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and then AH FUCK THIS SHIT started pounding on that little queefnugget's head. Downie was a punk in junior hockey , a fucker in the AHL and has blossomed to an upright mongol that needs to go into the boards headfirst. Anyone that plays like this needs to fuck off. Normally I like the guys that play on the edge like that and piss the other team off (Matthew Barnaby comes to mind), but Downie is different. It's just too bad Chara has that bum pinkie.
The boys were running away with this one, but Tampa Bay refused to back off, thanks in part to Frenchie the Smurf (Marty St.Louis). Fuck, that dude can still skate like a bastard.
Three game streak going, one game left before the break. Of course they start to heat up right when the majority of them won't play hockey for the next two weeks or so...oh well. Gonna have to see how it shakes out.
Go B's.

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