Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bruins Lose 3-2 In The Shootout...Wait, What?

I'm sorry, the go up 2-0, blow the lead, almost score in OT and then ultimately lose in the shootout refrain is just seared into my brain due to the fact that it's happened at least 73 times this year.
Nice to see the boys pull one out...although I didn't really see it, as my DVR had stopped recording just as Slow Ryder was coming down for his shot. I didn't really expect them to win, so I was surprised as FUCK when I saw the score.
Nice to see the physical element pick up, as well. They've been sleeping for too long and these physical games always do wonders for them. Last night you could see how bad Chara wanted to go with Gaustad, but with his finger all taped up, it would have been extra time. I'm actually surprised he didn't go to the bench, rip it off and come back out.
And Looch: where the fuck have you been, dude? I couldn't stop laughing at the way you went directly for Mair last night and he just kept backing up. Mair got a freebie in, but it was great to see get pissed like that. Even last year when you were playing with Savvy and He We Do Not Speak Of Except To Mock The Fact That We Have His New Team's Draft Picks For The Next 18 Years Or So your physical play kept up. Last night when you were going after Mair, you were rocking that blood lust look that we saw several times last year . KEEP THAT FIRE GOING. Don't lay back. Your physical play can change the tempo of a game.
This sizzling 2 game winning streak simply can't overshadow one event. One event so huge, so earth shattering,'m not sure how to describe it. Your life will be changed once you watch.
I love you for trying kid...but please don't do that again.
Go B's.

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