Thursday, March 18, 2010

You can keep talking Colin, but we aren't listening

Just when I thought I couldn't get more annoyed with the whole Savard debacle, I came across this gem. An excerpt from a TSN newsfeed.

It's expected that the league executives will meet personally tomorrow with both general managers -- Boston's Peter Chiarelli and Pittsburgh's Ray Shero - as well as both head coaches - Boston's Claude Julien and Pittsburgh's Dan Bylsma - to ensure that whatever happens in terms of retribution, it falls within reasonable limits.

AKA...I didn't do my job, so don't embarrass me further.

After Claude and Peter meet with Colin, I hope their message to the boys goes something like this…

Fuck up Cooke, then fuck up Sidney. And if Malkin ends up playing, Fuck up Geno. Take a run at that little French Fucker in net too. And while your at it, Orpik is a douche… Fuck him up too.

Screw Colin, Screw Matt Cooke, Screw Sidney. I want to see Randy Couture out there tonight in a B's jersey.

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