Saturday, March 6, 2010

Crosby. Gag.

The Bruins have played much better over the past two games, but offense is still an issue. They've beat the Leafs and the Isles, which is like saying you stole a wallet from a dead guy. The Penguins are obviously going to put up a much better defense, so the Bruins will have to go and go hard.

Couple things I would do if I were Julien:

-Make Fake Wheeler a healthy scratch. He isn't even competing and there are P-Bruins (ie Marchand) that deserve a shot. Wheeler needs to learn that consistent effort is just as important as scoring goals.
-Keep Savvy and Satan together. I think that Satan is getting hot, and don't forget, this guy has some pretty decent career goal totals. Yes, they signed him from the bargain bin, but that's also where they got Tim Thomas (and look how that has turned out).
-Bring McQuaid back up and scratch Hunwick. Pair him with Stuart and watch the bodies fly.
-On the PP, let Patty Cake and Wideman man the points. Put Chara in front of the net. They're looking to generate offense and whenever they do this, they always seem to score. I honestly have no idea why they don't do it more often.
-Keep giving Johnny Upchuk minutes. That dude is playing his fucking ass off and his poise makes him look like a veteran blueliner.
-Keep Begin, Edgecrusher and Looch together. They generated some good chances today and it will help remind Looch to keep his game simple. When he gets all artsy fartsy (yeah, I just typed that), he loses all of his effectiveness.

That's all I got. They have a real test in front of them tomorrow. Points are at an absolute premium, so we'll see if they come out looking for the win...or if they're just going to roll over quietly, piddle themselves, and slink back to the locker room. I certainly hope it's the former.

Go B's.

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