Saturday, March 13, 2010

Keep On Pluggin', Boys

7-2-3 in their last 12. That's a little more like it.
Their 5-1 drubbing of the Flyers was something fun to watch. I don't know who the fuck pissed off Caveman before the game, but he played what was most likely his best game in a Bruins uniform. Aggressive as hell (two fights and a few big ass hits) and making smart choices with the puck, he was a pillar of studness out there. And yes, that's what I call my nether regions as well.
The Bruins are pushing and pushing, as the season is quickly winding down.
Of course, they are going to be doing this without Savard. I'm not going to get into the entire incident with Matt Cooke. If you don't know what happened by now, then you're retarded and you should go back to watch As The World Turns.
I'm reading a book right now called The Code. It's all about hockey fights and retaliation and playing through injuries etc. etc. etc. What pisses me off about the NHL today is the lack of accountability for chickenshit players like Cooke. If this was pretty much anytime before 1995, Cooke would have been smashed into the ice that night...and Crosby would most likely be taken off on a stretcher the next time they play. Best player for best player, eye for an eye. I'm not saying that this was the right or wrong way to do things, but goddamnit, players sure seemed a bit more accountable when they knew that a Dave Semenko or Stu Grimson or Marty McSorley or Joey Kocur or Bob Cokehead, I mean Probert, was going to be coming after them for looking sideways at their superstar. Gone are the days when some random brawler from the minors would be called up for one game because things were going to get nasty. I think that's too bad.
The NHL has missed two golden opportunities to set examples in a very short time frame.
1.The Savard/Cooke incident
2.Daniel Carcillo shoving the linesman after a minor scrum the other night. To the linesman's credit, he stuck a finger right in Carcillo's face and yelled "Don't ever fucking push me!" I love HD and the ability to read lips.
I'm just curious how much longer the NHL is going to let some of this chickenshit happen. I'm going to descend from my soapbox now or else I'm going to start sounding like one of those used tampons over at TSN.
So the boys are in Montreal tonight. Goddamn, I forget how much I hate the fucking Habs. At least they're having a similar season. B's lose to the Leafs in OT the other night. The Habs beat the Oilers in the shootout last night. The Leafs and Oilers are shit.
We'll see how it goes tonight. Check out the Four Habs Fans. Careful clicking on the links, otherwise you might end of up with a screen full of scheisse porn.
Go B's.

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EyeBob said...

Well that game sucked. This team is infuriating...except for Stuart. Him, I like.