Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Bit Off Topic...

Couple things:

Whenever it's posted, go to Youtube and watch the 1st sixty seconds of the Diego Sanchez/Clay Guida fight. I didn't think that two men could throw punches that fast and that hard. Holy shit.

Secondly: go see The Hangover. Great movie. Can't wait to buy it.

Lastly: go see Star Trek. I've been a Star Wars geek my entire life (Boba Fett, what???) and always thought that Star Trek was just ridiculous. Simliar to Christopher Nolan with the new Batman series, JJ Abrams has brought Star Trek into 2009. The movie was great and the special effects were fantastic. About five minutes from the end the movie, I finally figured out who was playing Nero. Hint: he was in Black Hawk Down, Munich, and The Hulk. Just go see it; you won't be disappointed.

Alright. Going back to the fight. Second round and they're still beating the ever-loving piss out of each other.

As always, Go B's.

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Pezell said...

The Hangover was awesome man, everyone needs to go see it