Monday, January 9, 2012

5 Games? Yeah, okay.

Long time, no write. The boys were continuing their crazy ways, scoring goals by the assload and getting support from everyone.
The spousal unit and I were excited to go to the Garden and watch the rematch against the fucking Canucks, and we weren't disappointed. I honestly just wanted the Bruins to kick the living shit out of them after all of the bullshit Vancouver pulled last spring. A victory would be nice, but not required.
I guess I got my wish.
The game started off with a bang, with half of the Canucks thinking it wise to pile on Shawn Thornton, who has more sandpaper on his dick than the entire Vancouver bench combined. I'm thinking they could have chosen a better time to start shit, as the Bruins had several of their toughest guys out there. I guess Burrows doesn't think ahead.
Anway, Looch gets ejected for "coming off the bench", which turned out to be bullshit. I generally don't give the refs too much shit, because they are doing a hard job in the world's fastest game. But the fact that their call took Lucic out of what turned out to be a one-goal game about four minutes into the first was not correct. Hindsight's 20/20, right?
And then the "Marchand incident" occurred. I'm honestly tired of thinking about it and seeing it, mainly because YouTube is basically overflowing with clips of the same exact thing happening (one of which happens to be a Vancouver player doing the same thing to Marchand) and no suspensions came of it. Whatever. He'll serve his five game. The Bruins will be without one of their best players for this timeframe, but their depth is what makes them so good.
The bullshit flowing out of Vancouver is at an all-time high, with all of the players saying that Marchand is dirty, he's cheap, blah blah blah, but to me it smells exactly like guys on Pittsburgh calling out players for headshots when they're sitting next to Matt Cooke in the dressing room. It just seems that Vancouver always wants to play the victim and hide behind the refs. Like I said, whatever.
The season will go on and things will even out and I have no doubt that this kind of hit will happen again. I just hope that Shanahan treats it the same way he treated this one. Guess we'll have to see.
Time to drive on and realize that there are three games in the next six days, one of which is Montreal. Maybe chanting "CAREY, CAREY, CAREY" will make everyone feel better.
Go B's.

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Sea Bass said...

Another thing that sucks: the re-alignment they denied would have had these two teams play twice next year.

And howdja like Dale Weiss pussing out against Thornton? I like how he said he thought he was going to fight McQuaid. He would have gotten his dick kicked in either way.