Saturday, February 4, 2012

Too Disinterested To Come Up With A Title

Yeah, these posts have been lacking. As in there haven't been any. As in I had to blow the dust off the keyboard.
There are two reasons for that.
1. Skyrim. Enough said.
2. The "play" of the Bruins. It's hard to justify sitting down for almost three hours and watching your chosen team when they appear to be this disinterested. It's even harder to want to sit and write about the team that is frustrating the living shit out of me right now.
Pens today. I'm hoping the Bruins will crawl out of their funk and play some great hockey...but that's becoming a familiar refrain, isn't it?
As always, and forever, go B's.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The boys could be experiencing the readyforspringcabinfever slump that many people are experiencing right now. Though they are finely tuned machines, I'm sure they aren't immune to it. However, they get paid gobs of money to play a game for a living. You can bet your arses if I got paid even a fraction of some of their contracts to "play" yoga I would bring 120% effort and enthusiasm to each class!
we want to be watching you play in June! Go Bs!