Friday, June 6, 2008


Detriot won? Who knew? Good for them. Stupendious effort. Way to work! You guys are swell. Neato. Well done. Never saw this one coming. Splendid! Superb perfomance. WAHOO!

Now that the inevitable is over, let's get on with our lives and focus on the summer details.

Bruins go into year 2 of development camp July 7th. Many point to it's 1st season as one of the reason Lucic was so successful this year. Habs have been doing it for awhile now, and obvi they have had success with it. Let's hope year 2 for the B's is even more successful than the 1st. Looking forward to pics of pasty, pale teens with man/boy pecs getting weighed and measured which will surely be pasted on the Bruins site shortly.

Big guys are signed. Waiting on Metro. I'm thinking he will sign. He's doing a camp with his pal Timmy this summer, and geez, who wouldn't want to spend more time with Timmy T? This will surely motivate him to sign.

Claude, Claude, the Christmas Dawg, has been locked up for several years. This is pleasing to me. He may look like a turtle, but the man knows how to coach. Plus he is so giving. He even gave his Christmas blanket to his friend Bummer.

Chuckles will hopefully drink copius amounts of milk this summer and come back strong with his new multi year contract. Wardo, is probably in the shop as we speak getting some parts replaced and will continue his tenure on the B's blue line for years to come.

And here's to hoping Manny eats a poisoned taco this summer and never return. I don't wish death, just chronic diarreha. Bring on Timmy and Tukka.

While my fiance hate's it when I refer to Marco with Italian flair like he's Chef Boyardee, I am pleased to announce that for a few weeks this summer, its totally valid. Maaarcoooo, will be touring Italy, his "favorite" place with his family.

As Marco dons a red striped shirt, neck scarf, and beret, Thornton is becoming familar with his new hometown. He has attended several Sox games, gone to the BC lacrosse finals, and even played golf with Alice Cooper. Good for him. He will be pawking his cahhh in no time.

Hey, I know this shit isn't that exciting, but at least they aren't doing anything gay like interning at Vogue

That's all the random retardedness I have for now. I'll be updating you with additional RR as the summer progresses.


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