Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feel Good Moment of the Day

I am not what most people would consider to be "nice". Most beings in the world, I merely tolerate and the rest I do not. There is a small few who fall into the category of those I enjoy. Some of those would be my fiance, Tim Thomas, Conan O'Brien, Tina Fey, my Pops, Jesus, Cam Neely, and David Boreanez.

The list of those who are not on the list of enjoyable or tolerable are on a list of which shall not be named. This list is far to big to even begin, and for a long time, Manny Fernadez has been on the top of the list.

However recently, my cold thoughts of the Evil Enchilada have begun to warm. Could it be that Christmas has warmed the heart of this Grinch? Perhaps, but I believe that the good vibes of Timmy T have started to absorb into the greasy folds of my once nemesis. I feel this warmth when I hear the EE speak to the press. No longer does he find a way to blame everyone else but himself. No longer are his comments cutting with a negative undertone. He is jovial, Thomasesque, and dare I say accountable? I warm when I see him skate off the ice after a game with his new BFF Timmy T, lauging and smiling all the way.

At first, I was surprised I was feeling this way, but really, if anyone could wipe away evil, team ruining vibes, of course it would be Tim Thomas.

So Merry Christmas Manny Fernandez. I no longer hate you. You're Welcome.

You are at the bottom of my tolerable list, but stick with TT and you may find yourself climbing. Avery, Commies, Hilter, Spencer Pratt, and Tom Cruise, you are still on the list that shall not be named, and unless TT comes into your life anytime soon, enjoy a long run on it. TSN was on the top of thislist, but Finally, FINALLY, they have put the Bruins where they belong, as #1 on the power rankings 2 weeks in a row. Now they are back in the middle of the pack...for now.

Finally, I was going to ignore the fact that I have neglected this blog like a fat red headed step child, but I plead wedding again. Only 10 more days to go and I can finally focus my attention to where it needs to be. The B's.

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