Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So I step away from the Bruins for two freakin days to get married and come back to...well I'm not sure what I'm coming back to. I feel like Bush at a spelling bee. It seems as though the Evil Enchilada is back in his fucktard form. Rask is up, EE's name plate is off of his locker (please note that Sturm, who is def out of the season still has his name plate up in the room). Have I underestimated the good vibes of Timmy? Makes sense that as soon as I let Manny off my hate list, he'd do this.

Kessel has been riding his fame and kissing too many skanks and have come down with the Mono. Funny though, because rumors out of Montreal are saying that Price may have the Mono. Perhaps Phillip has been kissing one skank in particular.

Lucic? WTF. Since he is the only B with an "undisclosed" injury, I'm wondering if the Golden Boy in Boston is getting too big for his britches. Needs to be knocked down a few notches by Claude as he did with Kessel last season.

And Claude. Sneaky, Sneaky Claude. This secret spy shit isn't for him, but he's doing his best to cultivate this cloud of mystery over the B's. I don't have much new to say about the Habs as I've been wicked busy just trying to keep up with the B's. Kovalev is still a commie, Kostitsyn's are still ugly as sin, Price is still a bitch. All you need to know.

Regardless of what has or is going down, the B's need to summon the hockey gods and the baby B's called up need to play their shit off. I am headed to this game tonight with my new husband who will be donning a Koivu jersey. (PUKE PUKE). I do need to sew on a letter for him though and will be chanting a hex over at as I go. Here's to hoping the B's prove their depth and that my marriage of 3 days can endure our first B's/Habs game as a married couple.

And for the record, on my wedding day, I found time to down some beers and watch the B's. Salute!


Maali said...

i don't know you but congrats on the wedding! watching hockey in your wedding dress might be the greatest thing EVAR!

my fear of the day: manny, phil, and luc all have mono. shortly we'll get word of an outbreak across the entire team, and the season will be forfeited.

course... i'm a little overdramatic...

Tom said...

Congrats! I wasn't aware that it was legal for a Bruins fan to marry a Habs fan.

Anonymous said...

You'll notice that whilst wearing your wedding dress they won 5-1. I think wearing a wedding dress on game day might need to become a ritual for you. Not that we need it this season. Congrats on the wedding and hopefully congrats on the possibility that Fernandez is on the side of the road somewhere with a sign reading, "Will be a giant sloppy douche for ice time."

the Rocket said...

And in this marriage, we can refer to 'the better half' as the one in the red jersey. :)

With all the injuries, there were some new faces making an impact for the Bruins. Can you tell me a little more about this Chris Lee fellow? I think that he really made the difference for the Bruins tonight!