Friday, January 30, 2009

General Soreness + Back Spasms = Hissy Fits?

It's no secret that I don't like Manny Fernandez, so I'm going to go off on a limb with my latest Manny conspiracy theory.

Up until the All-Star team announcements, Manny had been getting pats on the back from fans, press, coaches, etc. He was riding high on these accolades and was given close to equal credit to Thomas as being a big reason for the success of the B's this season. A dynamic duo, both pulling their own weight.

Then Manny disappeared. Within days of Thomas awarded a spot on the All Star Roster. You know, I know, your mother knows, that TT is the best goalie in Boston. Thomas deserved this spot. But if you are a psycho mess of a goalie, I can see how you may not know this.

So Manny's gone. Tukka's up. Manny's locker is gone. Then Manny is back for a day or two and now he's gone again. Either the reason is not disclosed, or he has "general soreness" or back spasms. I feel like that is the stock answer for, he's a fucknut and we don't know what's up with him. And WTF is general soreness? Is he on the rag? You are are getting 4 million a year. Take some Advil and SUCK IT UP.

This happening has also been simultaneous with the B's struggling a bit. Coincidence??? Probably, but I enjoy blaming people I don't like for all the bad things in the world. Time will tell though. Tukka's time with the B's may last longer than you think.

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