Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some weird space-time continuum thingy...

I got my first taste of hockey last night. It was great to be able to come home to a game on the DVR.

Immediately I was confronted with Steve Begin. I almost threw my beer at the TV.

I can't stand this dude. I know he is one of those players that you hate but love him if he's on your team, but goddamn...seeing him with a B on his chest was weird as hell. It felt like there was a double agent on the ice.

So he immediately tries to win me over by flying all over the ice. He's hitting everything in sight and then squares off with a dude that would make Looch look small. He did okay, too.

There are two ways that Begin can cement his place in my heart:
1. Crosscheck Mike Ribiero's teeth down his throat
2. Make Comrade Kovalev cry in glorious HD

We'll have to see.

Couple things:
Patty Cake looks good. He played a solid game and assisted on two goals.
Bacon Bitz needs to have a weekend retreat with a MMA fighter. The willingness to drop is there, but the skills to land punches doesn't seem to be. It reminds me of that SNL skit ("I GET IN THREE FIGHTS A WEEK!!" "Yeah, but you lose three fights a week!").
Sobotka needs to go home.
Give Marchand a shot with the big boys.
Burke has installed some manliness on D for the Leafs. Exelby is a stud.

Go B's.


Araev16 said...

Sobotka is my new Lashoff. Enough already.

scott w. gray said...

With Kessel gone, it loox like Sabotka, Marchand and Hamill will be fighting to make the Bigs, but I really liked what I saw from Lovecchio, who I'd never heard of.

I really hope Bitz can return to last year's form (esp. the playoff edition, where he was a force).

Sheriff25 said...

I think that Bitz will do well...if he isn't concussed in the 2nd game of the year! Someone give him a class on punching people!
Sobotka reminds me of Ivan Huml reminds me of Andy Hilbert. Where is the skill that this kid is supposed to have??? He tears it up in the AHL and then does his disappearing trick when he comes uip.