Thursday, November 5, 2009

If You Can't Get Up For This One, Just Die.

5 Things To Get Excited About Tonight:
-Begin left Montreal pissed off. He'll be a wrecking ball all night long.
-Ryder will continue to punish his old team.
-Remember all those times that Hal Gill decided to fight Chara and ended up getting his ass beat? Yeah, now we're cheering for Chara.
-The rivalry with Komisarek to continue. Oh that's right, he's enjoying life in Toronto now. Snicker.
-Someone (I'm looking at you, Stuart) will smear Gionta into the end boards when he finally gets tired of the waterbug-esqe noises that Gionta emits when he skates.

Let's hope that the absolute domination that the Bruins showed against the fucking Habs continue tonight. It'll be a good way to right the ship and get this fucking season underway properly.

Go B's.


Elizabeth said...

Looks to be a fantastic evening. I'm looking for a ridiculous ass kicking put on by either Thornton or Chara.

ALSO, fantastic cousin of mine, I think I have passed you about 10 times in the last 2 days. I'm pretty sure this means we all need to get together from some Viens family bonding.

Araev16 said...

Or get together for the Bruins funeral. Because it appears they opted for the Just Die part.

These boys better pick it up tonight or this kid may come soon. I've been ordered to work half days by my doc and may be pulled out of work next week because of high blood pressure that seemed to get worse as the Bruins got worse. If I go on bedrest, I'm sending my hospital bills to Chiarelli.

BTW, Recchi??? Really??? I would have the whole team, then myself to shoot before Recchi. I would have sent K Tap before him. Who I must mention is now the wife of the ENEMY.

Anonymous said...

Oh, just like old times,it is so good to hear from all of you! Take care little Momma Muffin, we miss you..thanks for keeping it going Sheriff 25!