Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why Is This Man Crying?

Please pick one:
A. He has realized that he is on a horrible team.
B. He has realized that it's not going to be an easy year.
C. He just got ROCKED.
D. The Bruins can't score.
E. All of the above

If you picked E, good job. You're able to muddle your way through a retarded quiz and get the correct, sarcastic as fuck, answer.

Basically the Bruins lack any fucking consistency right now. Here is what I propose:
Chara needs to get in a fight.
Wheeler needs a gorgeous breakaway goal.
Krejci needs to stop trying cute little fucking passes and maybe shoot or something.
Looch and Savvy need to fucking heal and fucking heal fast.

The Habs are next up and I swear to fucking Christ, if the B's lose to those fucking assclowns, I'm going to demand that Phil Kessel gets traded. Oh wait...

Go B's.


Texy said...

Am I allowed to "ditto" an entire paragraph? If so, then I ditto that entire last one.

Sheriff25 said...

But of course you can ditto. Ditto all you wish. I'll tell you what: if the Bruins score at least one goal on the PP next game, I'll give you a lifetime supply of dittos. Sound like a plan?

Araev16 said...

It made my heart warm to see him rocked like that.

But then my heart grew cold when I realized that he alone had more shots on goal than than all the B's combined had. At least he didn't score. Any why has his acne magically vanished?? And now Wheeler's breaking out...I think Brian Burke is a warlock.