Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Young, Dumb and Full of Come Over Here and Shake My Hand

Looch? Savvy? Who are those guys? I could feel the clouds gathering earlier, as the fairweather fans started with the "the season is over" and "what are we going to do" bullshit. I have no patience for that.

There are a whole bunch of kids up from Providence, and one new cat from de Boofalo. Sobotka still needs to go away, but I think that Patty Cake and Marchand might have a little something that is going to click pretty well. It was good to see Patty get all jacked up after scoring that goal off of Chara's shot. He normally doesn't show too much, so that shit always makes me smile. I think that Patty must feel like an old man sometimes, as it's his seventh year in the league. I'm sure having some young buck playing on your line makes you realize that this shit can be fun if you want it to be!

Great to see Begin get a goal. He's growing on me. I hate to fucking say it, but he's growing on me. He did miss a golden chance last week to smash Ribiero's teeth down his throat, but what are you going to do?

The D still looks a little disorganized. I miss Hnidy back there. Chuck Morris is trying hard, but he and Chara will find a way to get it done. Timmy looked alright.

I hope they keep this thing going. Sometimes having this much youth in the lineup makes the vets realize that they need to play hungry...which is exactly what the boys need to do.

Go B's.

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