Thursday, October 1, 2009

Is This Really Happening?

I woke up this morning and realized that hockey is supposed to be on tonight. Am I dreaming?

Then I read that Sobotka get sent down to Providence. I'm definitely dreaming. This is the best dream ever. As long as I'm dreaming, I hope tonight's game is entertaining as hell, with the Bruins emerging as the victors. I hope Marco Polo plays well and doesn't blow a knee. Am I'm praying that Krejci isn't rushing his hip. I hope that Hunwick gets laid out and remembers that he's just a pup and needs to prove himself this year. And I hope that Looch comes to help Hunwick, laying waste to whoever was stupid enough to do something like that when Looch was on the ice. And I hope that Patty Cake finally shakes loose all of the cobwebs and has a completely injury-free season.

I hope that someone steps up and realizes the opportunity that the departure of Ol' One Nut has afforded. It's a wide open spot on the number one line. Someone needs to seize that spot with vengeance and show the league that Kessel isn't needed.

I will drink a beer tonight in honor of the departed PJ. For so long (now that I think of it, literally half of my freaking life), number 11 was on the ice each year. I'll miss him and his tireless ways. I'll miss the goofy way he spoke english (like his mouth was full of fun fruits) and the way he could go headfirst into the corner at full speed and bounce right up. Gumby shall live forever.

Is there really hockey on tonight??? Jesus, it's going to be a long day at work. Nothing will get done today.

But really, I just hope that the season is entertaining. I hope the boys play their hearts out and leave everything on the ice. In less than nine hours, they'll take to the ice and start another chapter. I hope they keep the proud tradition going.

Go B's.

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ILoveTheBruins said...

I can't wait to head over to the Garden tonight. Actually, I'm almost more excited for Saturday's game. I've lived far too long without hockey.

While I won't complain if they put up the numbers they did last year, I just really want a healthy team heading into the playoffs.