Saturday, October 3, 2009

Where does one's loyalty lay? Is it for an invidual that took one for the team? Or is it to the team as a family concept, with the belief that it was an assault against the team and not one individual?

If it's the former, Scott Walker doesn't have much to worry about tonight. If it's the latter, he better keep his head up. Personally, I think that the boys will be looking for any infraction, no matter how slight, to make Scott rely on a walker to move around for the rest of his life (5 minute major, 10 minute game misconduct, and a review with the league disciplinary board for that one...I apologize).

And let's just treat this as game one of the season. The "effort" against the Caps the other night was a bit too disjointed, half-assed, and slow motion to be the actual Bruins....right? RIGHT???

Go B's.

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