Sunday, October 11, 2009

It Is What It Is

Yes, the Bruins pulled one out last night. They came back from three down to push it to OT, eventually winning it in the shootout. Yes, Tuuka got a win for his personal stats.
This game was bullshit. The Bruins did not deserve to win. Yes, the rally was great to watch, but they might have learned more if they had gotten shutout by the fucking New York Islanders.
The Bruins are starting to resemble the menstrual flow of a fourteen year old. They're spotty as hell and you have no idea when they're going to stop and/or start. The Begin/Edgecrusher/Bacon line has been the most consistent, getting quality scoring chances on almost every single shift. They played well again last night, with Bacon sneaking one past the Roloson (it was ugly, but I'll fucking take it).
The consistent effort isn't there for some reason. Apparently the practice that Julien put them through the other day did little blow the rust out of the legs and brains. YOU ARE PLAYING HOCKEY NOW, BOYS. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES AND REALIZE THIS. Otherwise, it's going to be a very long fucking season.
Some of the crazy folks out there are already freaking out, saying that this is indicative of a larger issue, this team won't go far, blah blah blah. It's four games in, and they are showing some areas that they need to improve on. Relax. There is A LOT of hockey left to play.
Couple things:
-Fake Wheeler (he has grown his hair, put on 15 pounds of muscle and we're all pretty sure it's not the real Blake Wheeler) needs to understand that if he mishandled the puck in the shootout, it would have been over. Nice goal, but it would have been cool to have Ken Baumgartner back on the bench (nugget!) to smack his impostor ass around after that.
-I like what Chuck Morris is bringing to the blue line on the PP. That low, hard shot has me thinking of Raymond.
-Wideman probably ripped up his shoulder last night. Might allow him some time to reflect on his play so far this year. He and Hunwick are in my scope due to their menstrual play (see above).
-Fuck me, it's good to see Sturm back. Forgot how fast that Nazi sonofabitch was.
-Looch, Ryder, Krejci: Wake up please.
-Stuart: Last night I was thinking about how I had wished that the Bruins had traded you instead of Alberts. I now apologize for thinking such a thing. You have grown on me, Oh He of Caveman Strength and 5 O'Clock Shadow.

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