Friday, October 16, 2009


Anyone happen to see the pre-game opening at the Bell Centre last night? Jesus christ. Yet another reason I can't stand the Habs. But enough about those no-talent assclowns.

The semi-talented assclowns (also referred to as the 09-10 Boston Bruins, I keeeed, I keeeeeeed) will be going with the Stars tonight. Everyone remembers what that game against the Stars did for the B's last year. Avery is gone, but we can count on that little fucker Steve Ott to do something retarded. Also, be on the lookout for Mike Modano to crumble into a pile of dust due to terminal osteoporosis. Modano's first year in the league was 89-90. Great googlie mooglie.

Couple things:
-Look for Looch to get his first of the season.
-Boychuck will continue to play his ass off, making Hunwick look like a mook.
-All four lines will play great hockey tonight, but Begin/Edgecrusher/Bacon will continue to be the most consistent. Plus, Begin and Ott are in the same weight class, so watch for that.
-I'm going with Timmy. Tuuka looked like shit in that last game.

Let's get this season heading in the right direction.

Go B's.

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