Saturday, May 3, 2008


Habs are out.

My fiance is actually still watching this game as I type this. I know the outcome, but he had paused it several times and there is still 6 minutes left. He is in the dark about the grim reality that the Habs are currently facing. There is still hope, for him that is. It's kinda sad watching him sit on the edge of his old Forum seat, clinging on to the hope that the Habs won't completely blow it. Part of me feels sad for him, but evil part of me is quite pleased. However, I will continue to sit here, with my headphones on, playing Alchemy. I will not give him shit, I will now rub it in his face, I will not gloat. At least not tonight.

Let's go Pens!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have been checking the Channel 3 website pretty frequently, and I have yet to see anything about a man throwing himself into on-coming traffic. He must be taking the loss well.