Monday, February 23, 2009

It's Tuukka Time

The B's played well yesterday. The racked up 45 shots and still fell to the lowly Bolts who were able to score on 4 of their 20 shots on goal.

I tried to give Manny a chance, but he has two really bad traits you never want to see in a back up goaltender.

1- He can't just hop into the schedule when needed. He always looks rusty.

2-He makes 4 Million dollars a year.

The B's are at the point where they need to bring up Rask. He's been playing great all year for the Baby B's and is the Bruins best option for a strong back up for Timmy as the B's wrap up the year and get ready for the play offs. Timmy should be able to rest without it meaning an automatic loss. Manny is a head case and only plays well if he's been playing a handful of games. Tuukka is ready and the B's need him. Send Manny down. It's not like anyone is going to grab him from waivers. And if they do, Peace Out Homeboy. This lady will not lose a wink of sleep.


Bruins Buff said...

I'm interested to see if the B's can fetch anything for Fernandez at the deadline.

I doubt it, but it might be worth dangling him out there to see if anyone bites.

Anonymous said...

I agree a billion percent with what you wrote. I can't stand watching games with him in net.