Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gearing Up For The March

As the puck drops in about 30 minutes, this is going to be brief. Just a couple things.

-I liked the moves at the deadline. Ference and Montador are best buddies, and if the Tree-Hugging Terminator says that Montador is a good guy, he is going to fit in well with the team. Recchi should have been a Bruin a long time ago. He has always played with grit and skill that isn't normally seen on a player of his size. He may be 41, but this guy has a few more years left in him. Have you noticed how thick his neck is?

-A game observing from high-above will be beneficial for Wheeler. No word yet as to whether or not he'll play today, but Julien knows what he's doing. Some players get all pissy after getting scratched, and some come back and set the world on fire. Remember Kessel last year in the playoffs?

-Speaking of One Nut, he has reverted back to his bullshit move from last year. He's been trying to fake the defenseman and slip the puck around them...but it's not working. He needs to get back to going flat-out and making the D-men think, "Oh shit, there is no way I can keep up with this dude."

-Kobasew seems to be getting the bounces. He started a little weak in the beginning of the year, but he is heating up at the right time of year.

-I like how Chara has been jumping up in the play. Just about nobody can stop this dude when he comes flying down the boards. Even five years ago, when interference was still pretty much allowed, could they have done anything.

-Looch's physical play has picked back up. Outstanding.

-Yelle going down yesterday was a blow. He has been quietly solid all year long. He's one of those players that pay huge dividends in the playoffs. Hopefully he's good to go shortly. Bitz will be filling his spot today.

Alright. Game time.

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