Monday, March 16, 2009

When Wideman sucks, he sucks big time.

Go Big or Go Home. Dennis Wideman lives by this code, yet he seems to go both ways with it. Wideman was a great acquisition by the B's, but man, when he sucks, he SUCKS. Normally, he plays great, has great games, is a great defenseman. But he's had several games this year when his suckiness is so great that I wonder if he woke up with amnesia those mornings and forgot how to play hockey.

The first time this happened this year was against the St. Louis Blues. He should have been awarded assists on several of the Blue's goals. At that point, I chalked it up to nerves going up against your the team that traded you.

Then it happened a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Don't get me wrong, the B's are a better team with Wideman on it. His name should be thrown around in Norris talk. Plus he's one of the more attractive B's, so it's normally a plus to see him out there. However, it becomes very obvious, very quickly when Denny is having one of those games. Bench him. I'm sure he wouldn't care. On his off nights, he's usually responsible for about 2 of the other teams goals. Many of those off of his own sakes. Save him the guilt and bench him. Throw Hnidy a bone on those nights and we can all wipe his bad games out of memory.

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will said...

Wideman played awful...There's no doubting that. Sidney Crosby
is king!