Friday, March 13, 2009

Nesn IS weird.

My husband always goes off about how weird Nesn is and how much he hates them. I never gave it much thought because his one flaw is that he is a crazy Habs fan and figured he was totally prejudice, but although I don't hate Nesn, I recently agreed with one of his statements. It IS weird.

It all started crashing in on me when Jack Edwards Bingo was brought to the attention of viewers. But Jack is just the tip of the quirkiness iceberg that is the current Nesn broadcast team. When you start to really dissect the broadcast and put all the quirks together, it's has really become a top notch comedic performance. Far beyond the simple years of Gord and Dale when the craziest shiznit that went down was Gord spilling things like drinks and M&M's.

Let's start with the obvious. Jack. He's annoying, but lovable I suppose. It is nice to hear his excitement, but I'm starting to think the Bingo hoopla is going to his head. He's trying some new material and it's getting weird. Last night my sister pointed out an off color comment after Axelsson was rocked by a couple senators. "They made a sandwich out of PJ and he was all too happy to be the peanut butter." What does that even mean?? This is even starting to rub off on Brick. He's been saying some weird shit lately too.

Next obvious is KTapp. She's a beautiful girl, but she does everything in her power to camouflage that. She dresses like a dowdy, uptight aunt who get's second hand 80's wear. Awkward bows, First lady jackets, weird lines and darts, and a woman with arms that long should not wear 3/4 length sleeves. I desperately want to submit her tape to What not to Wear. Or take her on a spree down Newbury. Or call up Hazel. She knew how to work it. My most recent theory as to why she dresses this way is that her fiancé is super jealous and asks her to be as busted as possible on the air.

Less obvious is Naoko Funyama. I probably spelt that wrong, but I'm don't care enough to look it up right now. Never did I think there would be someone less appealing rinkside than Rob Simpson. But I was proven wrong. Not only is she sucky at her interviews, but have you noticed that the camera guy NEVER gets her in the shot or always shoots the back of her head? I feel like her team is the AV Club from Quincy high school and she's just doing interviews to air during the daily announcements in the morning. Actually, that's rude. They'd probably do a better job.

Finally, the tension has become more and more obvious. Watching Gord and Millbury "interact" is becoming painful. At first, it was kinda funny, assuming that it was just all in good fun. But now it's like watching a couple on the verge of divorce. You just want to leave the room. They hate each other. Really. Last night as they were looking at all old fight reels, I was expecting the segment to end with Gord calling Mike a pussy and Mike trying to beat him with his shoe. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this did actually go down before year's end. Mike also has some tense moments with Barry, but Gord is Mike's true nemesis.

But just like an annoying little brother, you've gotta love Nesn anyway. Infact, I think these quirks make Nesn even more lovable. You can't hate them, it's like hating a handicapped child. That's wrong.

BTW, pretty excited Boston pulled out a win last night, even though they had me wincing and closing my eyes a lot in the third. Wardo awakening was pretty super as well. Sherriff and I will be at Saturday's game and three things better go down.
1- The Sam Adams must flow
2-I want a green B's hat
3-The Bruins better kick the shit out of the Islanders.

PS. Where in the world is Nifty?


Tom said...

I'm a very long-distance fan so I get them through the Center Ice feed, which is NESN for 90% of Bruins games*. I cannot tell you how glad I am that their broadcasts are so colorful. Much like a baseball season, over the course of 82 games it really helps to have hijinks in the broadcast booth. On the rare occasion that I have to watch another feed (as in the Columbus game the other day), it nearly puts me to sleep.

* I would love to know why they always pick NESN instead of the other broadcast. Is it a contractual thing, or an inside job by a Jack Edwards fan?

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

The Jack quote was actually "PJ saw that sandwich coming and was more than happy to play the part of the peanut butter!!!" haha

Araev16 said...

Since the Jacobs/Henry crew own NESN, they have rights to all the B's/Sox games. I'm guessing they are on Center Ice so much because its consistent. There really aren't many sports stations in the US that are able to carry ALL of their particular sports team like Nesn does. Plus as weird as they all are, their coverage is much better and complete than say the Fox Affliates

JT91 said...

honestly, as someone not from boston, i think their broadcasts are really unprofessional. they have this elitist attitude about how everything is better in boston, yet still feel the need to bash the fans, arena, or players of the opposing team to a ridiculous extent (which to me shows a bit of an inferiority, esp. when it comes to ny teams). bashing the islanders because they don't know what an islander is, and suggesting its a guy from that movie waterworld? does that even make sense? is that really good sports coverage? that mickey mouse garbage wouldnt fly in on most networks, boston networks included.