Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I was so excited for hockey on monday. Unfortunately, I didn't see any hockey least not by the Bruins.
Aside from a few close calls in the first period, there was nothing positive about the "effort" from the Bruins in game 5. They stayed on the periphery and refused to get in front of the net. It was like they were all channeling Phil Kessel.
To date, their playoff run this year has been inspiring. They limped into the postseason after a lackluster 82 games. They didn't even have a passing resemblance to the team last year that utterly dominated every single opponent and swept the Habs in 4 games. The playoffs are a new and different season and the Bruins have been playing some great hockey. Everyone seemed to be clicking and the pucks were getting in the net somehow.
They need to rediscover the motivation that got them through the first round against the Sabres. They need to hit and grind, make sharp passes coming out of the offensive zone, and park their asses in front of that net to wait for a deflection from the point. I'm still not seeing anyone set up in front of the net (aside from Recchi, but he can only do so much). Ryder and Wheeler have been goddamn combat ineffective. I have no idea what these guys need to get going. It's obvious they both have skill...but the way they've been playing, I would scratch them. Give the slots to Marchand and somebody else that will go and go and go.
They go back to Philly tonight and the crowd will be into it. Carcillo, Pronger and Hartnell will be playing huge in front of their home crowd. The Bruins need to score early and often and wrap this thing up before the end of the second. The Flyers have shown some pluck fighting back to win two straight. The B's need to hit hard and often. This helps them get in the game and stay engaged. The sooner they get this thing closed out, the better.
So I'll be watching tonight. We should know within the first five minutes if the Bruins are going to wrap it up or if they're going to lay down and go to a game 7 back in Boston. Hopefully it's the former.
Go B's.

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