Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Looks Like God Is Trying To Beam Him Up

The boys played with fire, failing to finish off a Flyers team that refused to give up. They fiddle-fucked around (looking at you, Wideman and Hunwick) when they should have taken the body and dropped some Flyer ass all over rink (i.e. Briere on his "breakaway").
That being said, WHO THE FUCK CARES? Throwing caution (and probably common sense) to the wind, I can't stop smiling about having Savvy back. Even though he played low minutes (which was a good idea, as going from 24 games off due to a concussion to playoff hockey is like jumping out of a space shuttle that's re-entering the atmosphere), it was great to see his passes zinging all over the ice. I'm thinking that he has good mojo on that side of the ice during playoff OT hockey, as he scored from the same general area against the Habs two years ago.
Their D-men got sloppy a few times (Wideman, Hunwick, McQuaid), and losing Sturm certainly doesn't help. However, it means that Thornton wil be back in the lineup, which is good as I'm sure he was throwing a shitfit up in the box.
Few things:
-I really liked Old Man Recchi going at it with Pronger. Pronger is a fucking punk that has been over-rated for so freaking long.
-I don't know what Sobotoka's issue was after he got run into the net. I think he pinched a nut. Hopefully he'll make it back to his prior form.
-Patty-Cake is most likely playing with a broken bone in his wrist/hand. Did anyone else see the slash that Mike Richards gave him? I'm sure we'll find out after the playoffs that he broke something.
-Tuukka looked mortal in Game 1, but I'm sure he will bounce back to his prior form.

Headed to Mexico for a few days. I'll be the big, drunk, loud American extolling the virtues of the Bruins line-up on Cinco de Mayo (which also happens to be the night of Game 3).

Go B's.

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