Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Capitals Done Messed Up

The Bruins have taken a 2-1 lead against the Caps. Our boys have been struggling to score (UNDERSTATEMENT). Looch/Krejci/whoever have failed to convert on pretty much every single chance they've had, few and far between as they've been. Even the normally "steady as she goes" line of Patty/Marchand/Seguin have been stymied. The 3rd and 4th lines have been the most consistent performers, getting good solid chances and scoring some goals.
Here's why all of this is about to change:
The Caps have made the horrible choice to wake up the slumbering Boston Bruins.
We who watch the Bruins game in and game out know that they are their most engaged when things are physical, chippy and nasty. We know that they excel in these games, that there isn't a team in the league that can't stand with or up to them when they have a hair across their collective ass. The Big Bad Bruins come together as a team when their opponent decides to try and play mean.
There's a difference between playing physical and playing Bruins hockey. Up to Game 3, the play had been physical, mostly on the part of the Caps. There were some big hits (i.e. Ovechkin running around like a Communist retard), but nothing really nasty.
This has changed.
Karl Alzner made the extremely ill-advised decision to grab onto Looch's head and try to act tough. Looch had been absolutely asleep so far this series. Alzner has woken him up. I haven't seen the snarl on his face in quite some time and it was heartening to see. And then, with no time remaining, Backstrom made the smart choice to crosscheck Peverley in the head (and we're still waiting on any supplemental punishment, but Shanny being Shanny, Peverley will probably get fined for having his head in the way of Backstrom's stick).
The Caps won't realize the error of their ways until they are broken and bleeding at the end of the 1st period in the next game. To use Jack Edwards' term, they've poked the bear.
This will not end well for them. The Bruins turn into absolute gods when they are pissed off and dropping shoulders into the chests of their opponents.
Can't wait for thursday. It's funny because I'm sure Alzner can...hope he gets his will squared away.
Go B's.

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