Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is This Real Life?

I decided to read the second Hunger Games book over the past couple of days to get me through some intense hockey withdrawal. I’m excited and amped up for the playoffs to start, so I thought I would fuel that with some good ole fashion kid killing fantasy fiction.

So about 11pm last night, I finish the book and am having a hard time getting to sleep as I want to just start reading the next one to see what happens. But finally I doze off around 11:45 and start dreaming about Katniss, Peeta, Finnick...

During my dream I hear some buzzing and realize that it’s coming from my phone. It’s blowing up with what sounds like, text after text. When I finally adjust my eyes and take a look I realize I’m getting push notifications from my Bruins app.
That’s odd. Apparently the Bruins marketing team couldn’t sleep either, but sending out notifications at well past midnight? Come on guys. So I take a look and the first one I see is the third one down in this pic.

I start to panic. What time did the game start??? THE CAPS ARE ALREADY FUCKING UP 2-0??? I frantically reach for my remote in a desperate act to find NESN and send my winning vibes to the game and start watching. As I do this, I’m too tired and filled with images of Gale and Peeta to calmly realize, No, the game did not start Tuesday night at midnight you silly goose.
But no, panic sets in, I can’t find my remote, the B’s are already down 2-0 and my Cup dreams are being dashed. Seconds later the app sends another notification. Please note the 4th one down.

Whaaaaaa?? Power play goal by Matt Read? Are the playoffs like the Hunger Games this year? Bettman controls the Arena and change the rules at a whim, even morphing 2 teams into one. So now the Bruins are taking on the mutant Washingdelphia Flyertals?

And then it hits. Common Sense, full alertness, and the realization that Apps get glitches. The Bruins are not playing right now. The Caps are not winning. The playoffs have not started. Now it’s about 1am. My book is done and the withdrawal hits big time. Luckily this emotional rollercoaster caused by the Bruins Marketing geniuses has exhausted me and I drift off to sleep. But before I’m out completely, I think, What if Marcus Johansson really does scores an even strength goal assisted by Ovechkin at 9:54 to bring the Caps up 2-0 on Thursday… (Insert Twilight Zone music here).


Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me but I am reading the third book, Mockingjay, had just dozed off with very heavy thoughts about the book and my phone starts chiming...Logic, which doesnt always prevail, told me they had not played yet, but i turned on NESN was crazy, especially in the middle of the night when my precious sleep is disturbed. Hope this doesnt happen again...and I never want to see mutts on the ice!

Anonymous said...

Glad the game was nothing like your phantom notifications...