Monday, May 11, 2009

Glad To See It

Last night, the Bruins played the way they did pretty much all season. They dominated physically. They rained shots down on Ward. Their forwards skated hard. The D shut everything down. If something managed to get through, Timmy showed why he is a Vezina finalist.

The series is now 3-2, and the Bruins can't let up. If they do, they'll soon be getting in fights at the 19th hole with several Habs.

The Bruins had the opportunity to coast pretty much all year due to the felonious amount of points and goals they were putting up. This was the first game, all season, that they truly had to win. An unfamiliar position for the 08-09 Bruins, but one they responded well to.

Here's hoping they keep it going.

Go B's.


Araev16 said...

That is why I get so angry when they play like shit. Because I know how good they can play. ARGH!

BTW, that bitch Paul Maurice thought the sucker punch on Ward was pretty funny. It's one things not to condemn your players in public with they do something dirty, but laugh it off? He's up there with Stevens right now. I hope that joker gets a puck to the face the next game and gets his girly little glasses permantly embedded in his face.

Araev16 said...
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eldias said...

The black and gold blood in my veins was nearly frozen until last night. If they keep up this sort of momentum, we could actually rout these buttknockers.

By the bye, I'd give my life savings for a shard of Eric Staal's fifth vertebrae.