Friday, May 8, 2009

Just get game 5 over with

Ward - You suck
Montador - You suck soooo much
Stuart - You're a retard and you suck
Wideman - You suck, not as much as the rest of the D, but you still suck.
Hnidy - You suck
Chara - You suck because you should be the best player on the ice and Eric Staal just made you his bitch.

Jack Edwards - You suck. Matt Huniwick is not the reason the B's have lost their edge in the play offs. Brick, slap him and take his headset away.

Carolina Fans - You suck and are a bunch of honkys. If you can tailgate year round, you shouldn't even be able to have a hockey team. I hate you.

Eric Staal - I hate you, I hate Marc, I hate Jordan, and I hate everyone on your farm. Even the sheeps.

Fuck you, you fucking fucks. You're one game away from ruining a great season. Congrats.


DrFrankLives said...

boy, it really sucks to beat "fans" like you



eldias said...

Any fan worth the weight in passion is going to be angry at their team when they disappoint the way the B's have the last three games. A true fan will love them when they succeed and seethe when they lose. But unlike those fair-weather bastards, never abandon nor lose faith that glory days are ahead.

I'm sure you, Dr. Frank--who I presume earned his degree in douchebaggery with a minor in schmuck--will feel the same way assuming the 'Canes make it to the finals and are getting cornholed by the Capitals or Penguins.

And its still a strong assumption considering the momentum the B's garnered after Game 5. Spell shutout for me doc...

Araev16 said...

Thank you kind sir. Apparently the good doctor never saw Harry and the Hendersons. Sometimes you've gotta be mean to be nice.

I'll always love the B's even if they blowing their season down the potty with their suck ass play.