Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RIP SCOTT WALKER - JULY 19, 1973 - MAY 12, 2009

Raleigh, North Carolina-
Scott Walker, born July 19th, 1973 in Cambridge Ontario, passed away at Tuesday night at the age of 35.

Walker, a member of the Carolina Hurricane, perished after being struck by a flying, 230 lb object. Witnesses still can't say exactly what it was, but all agreed they saw a streak of black and gold, and heard a terrible sound similar to an ancient war cry. In it's aftermath, lay a pile of broken Scott Walker.

Fans and Friends of Walker all agreed this tragedy could have been prevented. Even his family acknowledged Walker should have been sitting out this match and would still be alive today. Paul Maurice was later found crying and holding himself in his truck, glasses, covered in tears and fog. He had no comment.

A funeral for Walker is being postponed. Walker who had a history of bad investments, recently forfeited his last $2,500 to the NHL. Aaron Ward is collecting a few dollars from old teammates on Carolina, Nashville, and Vancouver. He hopes to have enough for a proper burial at weeks end. Just a few days after the Bruins so kindly end Carolina's season so they can mourn for their fallen brother.

On a side note:

Aaron Ward, aka the Warrior, aka IRONMAN, plays a spectacular Game 6, despite a broken face he suffered after being bitch punched by the late Scott Walker.


Sheriff25 said...


Robert said...

I have decided that Walker shall now forever be known as "The Sucker Punching Whaler Bitch."


FooF-BBF said...

I love it!!!

Tom said...

Robert, can we abbreviate that to TSPWB?

At least Ward knows he can give Walker a full-on roundhouse punch without repurcussion. That's the kind of respectful environment we want, right Campbell?

Anonymous said...

hahaha awesome!! love the pics!

MC Puck said...

Unreal, great post!

I have two things to say on the matter. The Walker punch was indeed dirty and in complete contrast to the Code of Hockey, but it was NOT a sucker punch (how can it be a sucker punch when Ward was looking him in the eye the whole time.)

But that's symantics and neither here nor there. What's important is Ward knew what he was doing the sly old dog. That punch is the turning point in this series and is why the Bruins want nothing more than to wipe the boards with Hurricane brains.

Go Bruins!

Oh, and Ward mentioned on the radio this morning "I can't say much, but they saw something on the x-ray and advised me to wear a sheild. Which I'm not going to do."

They need to redistribute that "Wardo" poster HAAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Wow, well I didn't know that even dead people could score and eliminate the Bruins.

That also means that Thomas SUCKS:D