Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ahhhh, What The Fuck?

I knew it would happen sooner or later.
Ol' One Nut, He Of Indifferent Attitude And Questionable Defensive Skills, finally scored against the Bruins (the shootout goal doesn't count in my mind). Though the boos warmed my heart (and what a cold, dark place that is), they still didn't put goals up on the board and the boys lost.
Strange game last night, with about a million posts hit on either side.
Couple things:
-Possibly to make himself less attractive (both physically and skill-wise) to other teams, Wheeler has shaved his goatee. This has no doubt led to his familiar girly-like play. I'm guessing that any teams that might have wanted him will now step back and say, " thanks. Our dressing rooms aren't set up with tampon dispensers. And it would just be cost prohibitive to add them."
-The rumors were absolutely flying prior to the game regarding Kaberle. For the past two or three years, this has been the trade deadline distraction for the B's and fans alike. Will he finally come to Boston? Though he puts up points every year, the thought of getting Kaberle doesn't make me sprout chub. I honestly don't think he would be a good fit in Boston and he is a UFA at the end of the year, so if he does come, he can play a few months and then go sign a big contract elsewhere. Granted, Savvy being placed on longterm IR has opened cap space, as would the departure of at least one player in a trade to obtain Kaberle, but I have a hard time seeing Kaberle in a Bruins uniform. If I were Chiarelli, who apparently really wants Kaberle, I would not give up more than one current NHLer to get him. I also wouldn't give up my 1st round pick. I'm thinking Wheeler or Stuart and a P-Bruin (not Joe Colborne). There's just too much of a risk that he'll leave at the end of the season. I'm just already tired of this guy because of all the speculation over the last few years. To me, anyone that is at the center of that much bullshit every single year might be a bit diva-esque (looking at you, Lindros), and I don't want that shit on the Bruins
-The Bruins flipped their 2nd rounder in this year's draft to the Sens last night for Chris Kelly. He's put up okay numbers this year (12 goals and about as many assists), but I'm not knocked off of my feet with this trade. Chiarelli might know something about the guy that I don't, but to me, the Bruins already seem to have enough guys like this. If this is the "big" trade for the Bruins this year, then I'm not seeing rainbows and lemon drops.
-Timmy looked mortal last night and his GAA and save percentage are approaching normal levels. I have no doubt that he must be tired, but Tuukka just doesn't have it this year. The Bruins will go exactly as far as Thomas' play allows them to.
-Good to see Caveman Stuart back out there last night. I'm sure he was angry at being a scratch for so many games and I had honestly thought that he had played his last game in the black and gold, though it still wouldn't surprise me if he was dealt. His play was missed in the 300-esque gladiator show that was the last Bruins/Habs game and I can't imagine being the type of player he is and having to watch that from the pressbox. Now I know you get an automatic 10 games for coming off the bench to join a fight, but what if you come out of the pressbox? Something to check into I guess.
Bruins/Isles on thursday. I think that about half of the Islanders are still serving suspensions for their game against the Pens last week (oh the violence!), but I'm hearing that they're bringing Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken, Andre "Poodle" Lussier and Ogie Oglethorpe in to try and make the team tougher. And once again, if you don't know who those people are, don't read this blog ever again.
Go B's.


Anonymous said...

Not Poodle!

Araev16 said...

I'm still not sold on Kabs either. He looks like Pee Wee Herman had a baby with Brad Marchand and Olive Oil. Me no like.

Joni Pitkanen. I could get behind that. Wheels can go. I'm over him. He plays like a kitten.

And your mention of lemon drops led me to Lemonheads, which then made me think, hmmm isn't there an NHL with a Lemonhead ad on the boards? Random. Its driving me nuts not being able to remember which rink. If you remember, I'll let you drink from the Kessel Cup.

Elizabeth said...

Wooo one point for Monkey. It's Lemonhead...they are a sponsor of the Blackhawks

Sheriff25 said...

Oh yes, The Poodle. Scary AND hairy man.
Lemonheads, huh? Kind of random. Are you pregnant again?
And many bananas to Monkey for the pic. She will be screeching and flinging shit in no time.

Araev16 said...

No...But if you and the canuck want to get busy, do it this week and your kid's chances of being born on 11.11.11 are high.

Screeching and flinging shit is standard Friday night for her.