Friday, February 4, 2011

What The Fuck Did They Eat?

What is it about the Stars that pisses the Bruins off? They see them like twice a year and the games always turn out to be insanely physical. I knew something was going on when Campbell switched out with Thornton right on the opening faceoff. He obviously wanted a piece of Ott, and after some digging, I found this. I can see why Campbell wanted Ott. Ott routinely crosses the line and guys don't forget shit like that. He is already hated in Boston from the brawl a few years ago.
Couple things:
-Though I thought the Campbell and Ott fight was a draw, Thornton, McQuaid and Ference all beat the shit out of their respective dance partners. I've said it before but here it goes again: Physical play = victory.
-Tuukka played beautifully in the first and second but definitely got shaky in the third. I thought that the Stars were going to tie it up as the boys went to sleep for the first ten minutes or so. They finally woke up and started playing again, resulting in the eventual win.
-The goaltender interference call on Evil Wheeler was the best/worst blown call of the season. He had set up a perfect screen and wasn't touching the goalie. Goal called back and Wheeler goes to the box. Bullshit.
-This pisses me off: the refs, realizing that they are one extra jab away from totally losing control over the game, dole out ten fucking minute misconducts for two guys that are talking. Now if a Bruin were to look at the ref and say "Hey, I'm going to go to your house, make a sandwich but only eat half of it AND leave your fridge open, fuck your daughter and then kill your dog" I could understand their reasoning. Granted, I'm sure the conversation between Ott and Chara wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, but jesus fucking christ. Dallas loses Ott for ten. Boston loses Chara for ten. That's a great trade for Dallas and a shitty call by the refs.
-Paille will no doubt get some games for his hit. I've watched it several times and I still don't agree with it. Of course, I'm a Boston fan and I saw what Cooke did to Savvy AND HE GOT FUCKING NOTHING. Don't get me started.
-Patty Cake missed the wide open net for the hatter and I'm sure he wants that shot back. I was kind of chuckling because after Marchand put it in, Patty looked like he had taken a bite of a shit sandwich. I'm sure the boys were razzing him about that one.
-Patty/Marchand/Ol' Man Recchi were the best line of the night, again. Their hustle is truly something to see.
Sharks come to town on saturday. The boys should keep rolling. They're setting themselves up nice for playoff positioning, which are about 30 games around the corner. If they keep up this kind of physical play, teams will be scared to face them, they'll get extra room and I'll have a near-constant chub. It's a win-win for all parties.
And although I don't like the guy, I can't deny his skillz (yes, skillz). Check out this clip of Sidney Crosby. Granted it's against a kid, but it shows you the hands this dude has.
Go B's.

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