Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Boys Keep Rolling

After about thirty days with no fucking hockey, the Bruins bounced the Canucks last night. It was good test for them, and it was great to see Looch get three points playing in front of his home town.
Couple things:
-I feel disconnected watching these west coast games. I love the late start time, but it's hard to get the hate up for a team that you see once every eight fucking years (at least that's what it feels like). The difference in the way the conferences play is on display, and I honestly like the physical, grind it out style of the East over the way the West teams plays. Just saying.
-None of the new guys have wowed me yet. Guess they'll need some time.
-Great to see Shane Hnidy signing a deal with the team. I never understood why they let this guy walk in the first place, and having defensive depth going in to the playoffs will be huge. He already knows the system and most of the guys, so it will be an easy fit. I hope his shoulder heals up soon, as it appears that Ference went down last night. Ference, tough dude as his is (at least with his flying fists), was long overdue for some type of malady.
-I don't know who puts together the Bruins page on, but it's getting kind of obnoxious. Today's headline was about the scrum Marchand got in last night. Weak. To further their retardation, there was an article about how David Krejci should be in consideration for the 7th player award. Um, okay.
-All the best of luck to Sturmy who ended up in Washington. I have no doubt we'll see his angry goal face when he scores against the Bruins at some point.
Oilers tonight. Taylor Hall vs. Tyler Seguin blah blah blah. Yes Hall is putting up pretty decent numbers for a rookie...but he's also playing for the Oilers, who are challenging a few other shitty teams for the "Most Closely Resembles A Used Tampon" Award.
Go B's.

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Anonymous said...

New Dropkick Murphys Album, "Going Out in Style," hits shelves/Itunes. The video for the title track, "Going Out in Style," features some pretty entertaining Bruins cameos. I vote it into consideration for being the new Bruins Anthem. Just Saying.