Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chiarelli Makes Some Moves

After several days of rumors and various trade scenarios, the front office made some moves. I'm not going to lie, I guess I'm a bit underwhelmed.
Fake Wheeler and Stuart were shipped to Atlanta for Peverley and Valabik. We've yet to see Peverley in a game, but I've been wracking my brain and can't remember hearing his name when he has played against the B's. Valabik, a former high 1st round pick, has reported straight to Providence. A very large man, he had me laughing when he gave Kessel a hard time a few years ago. I would be surprised if we ever saw him play a game with the big club, but we'll see. Though Wheeler's play had improved a bit over the last ten or so games, I think that a change in location was definitely needed. He looked too comfortable, often failing to really put out a good effort. Similar to when Brad Boyes was moved, I think that Wheeler will go on a tear, but his play will plateau and he'll be the guy getting 15 goals every year, though his coaches will be frustrated with having to light a fire under his ass every single game.
I will miss having Caveman Stuart out there. His play had improved over the last few seasons and he really grew on me. If you recall, it was Stuart and Andrew Alberts that used to compete for playing time. I was surprised when the Bruins moved Alberts and gave Stuart the vote of confidence, but he has evolved into a tough shutdown defender that brought the physicality every night. Best of luck to him in Atlanta.
Kaberle suited up for his first game against the Sens on friday night, and though he has skill that is readily apparent, I'm still not excited by him. I'm most excited by the fact that he is "finally" a Bruin and that we can FINALLY stop hearing about him possibly coming to the Bruins. I am definitely suffering from Kaberle-fatigue. We'll have to see if he re-signs with the Bruins when the season is up. I've never been a fan of rental players and the way that teams will mortgage their future (prospects, draft picks, etc.) to pick someone up that will most likely be gone in four months. I am hoping that I will be eating my words after the season is over and the Bruins have hoisted the Cup, but I'm not feeling all warm and fuzzy that this dude is the key to them winning the Cup. Only time will tell.
Couple things:
-Good to see Tuukka get some wins against weak teams. He looked reasonably sharp in both games.
-If the seventh player award was given today, it would have to be given to Marchand with Campbell getting an honorable mention. Both have far exceeded what they were supposed to bring this year.
-I was hoping that Horton would bring a steady scoring presence this year and not this streaky as shit after a night of drinking PBR play that he has shown. He has shown flashes all year, but has yet to really get on that pony and ride it to 30+ goals.
-I'm surprised that Krejci's name wasn't floated around as a possible trade. The Bruins, like every other team in the league, got all excited after his one good year and overpaid immediately. They threw big money at the kid and he has not come close to earning it this year. The strength of the Bruins over the last several years has been their depth at center. Patty Cake has had a great year (doing so quietly, this guy is just a fucking pro) and with Savvy down and Krejci playing like a blind man, this strength has quickly turned to a liability.
-It will be interesting to see what these trades do to the chemistry of the team.
The boys have a few more days off before their next game. They'll get some practice time in with their new mates and see if and how things click. The push for the playoffs is in full swing. Keep your eyes on New Jersey. They're coming fast and hard from the bottom of the East and I'm guessing that they're going to get in.
Go B's.


Sea Bass said...

from the Bruins Twitter:

Shane Hnidy has joined the Bruins in Vancouver on a tryout basis. He played 108 games with the B's over two seasons from 07-08 and 08-09 ^BB

Is the Sheriff coming back?

Elizabeth said...

Oh i hope so! I wish he had never left!