Saturday, May 14, 2011

Go Boys, GO

After waiting what feels like an eternity, the Bruins will FINALLY take the ice tonight. I've been going out of my mind this week, waiting for the series to start.
The big focus this week has been the fact that Seguin is going to get some time, as Patty Cake is trying to heal up. The Hairy Frenchman and I were talking and we both felt that something was coming. The Bruins would bounce the Flyers, but not without losing someone hugely important to the team. I thought it was Chara, as he took a puck somewhere in the legs that took him down. He didn't miss a shift, so I thought they were in the clear.
And then Patty got lit up. Fuckin' Giroux.
Anyway, Seguin is going to get his chance tonight. When it was initially announced that he was going to be scratched, I thought it was a wise choice. I wrote that although he has skill, he was pushed around all year long and the playoffs are just that much more intense.
I haven't changed my thinking. Seguin is going to be rustier than an old padlock on Cape Cod, and he's going to have to try and adjust with limited ice time. I'd be surprised if he gets more than 8 minutes time on ice tonight.
Few things:
-Two positives about this long layoff between games: A. Tampa Bay was also off and B. it gave the boys (especially Timmy) some time to rest up. It's that time of year where the bumps and bruises are adding up and guys are playing through things that would have them out for a few games during the regular season.
-I'm expecting good tempo in the first, but both teams will most likely trying to find their legs. The Bruins will have to fight through this and push as hard as they can.
-Kelly is no longer playing with the cage. I vote that they leave it on the bench very a quick re-attachment should the boys need the luck. At this point, I would superglue that thing to his fucking face and make him wear it forever.
-Good to see Looch wake up in the last game against the Flyers. Krejci and Horton had been producing at a torrid pace and it's about time that Looch gets in on this shit. I'm guessing that he'll be getting some good face time with Hedman tonight. The good thing is that although Hedman is a monster, he plays like a soft little vagina. The other good thing is that if Hedman starts to get squirrely, either Looch or Chara will be there to bitch slap him back to the ice.
-I'm hoping that Claude rolls all four lines. This keep everyone fresh and we've seen time and fucking time again that Thornton/Campbell/Paille have some weird kind of chemistry that works for them. The boys rarely make mistakes and are an offensive threat.
-I think the battle of the series is going to be between Downie and my little friend Bradley Marchand. Both play the same type of game, though Downie takes it to Steve Ott-esque dirty levels, while Marchand is content with just giving someone a little jab to the nuts when the ref isn't looking. I'd be surprised if we get out of the first without Downie and Marchand getting pulled apart by the linesman.
-The Bruins will have to be aware of Stamkos. Pound the shit out of him (looking at you, McQuaid...and please don't miss another check where you then almost kill yourself). They'll have to do their best to contain St. Louis as well, though hitting him is harder than picking up a penny from a glass table. Lecavalier is the kind of guy that plays well but can get pulled off his game and get pissy if you grind his ass into the boards every single shift.
-Old "friend" Randy Jones also skates with this team, and I hope that cocksucker gets booed everytime he touches the puck.
Game 1. Tonight. Eastern Conference Finals. Keep pushing. 8 more wins.
Go B's.

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