Monday, May 2, 2011

So I was up in Canada for the past few days, and we swung into Ottawa late. My BlackBerry started pinging with updates regarding an upcoming statement from President Obama.

Hearing that it was going to be something regarding national security, I figured that he was going to announce that a major terror plot had been foiled.

Not so much.
The president of our nation walked out and announced that Osama Bin Laden finally met his demise at the end of some American .223 ammunition. I didn't think it could get any better, but it did.

As more details came forth, I learned that someone, some human being, an actual American, and not a missile fired by a UAV, had put the sights of their rifle on that cocksucker and pulled the trigger.

In my old profession, on occasion I was able to meet and interact with former members of the special operations community (SEALs, Delta, Rangers, Force Recon) and without fail, I came away impressed with their professionalism and (what would be absolutely terrifying if they weren't Americans) skill sets. These guys are studs of the highest order. Whether they're built like Marchand or Chara, they all have the calm and self-assured vibe to them that makes you be on your best behavior (without even realizing you're doing so). Think of a lion that is just kind of sitting there, looking around...but could jump up and fuck shit up in a moment's notice. That's what these guys are like. The movies don't do them credit. And you can generally tell them by their huge watches and Popeye-ish forearms.

There is yet another huge game tonight, with the boys going again with the fucking Flyers, but I'm having trouble focusing on hockey. The fact that bin Laden is finally dead, with American lead in his dome, has me grinning from ear to ear. People have already forgotten all of the attacks that he planned and funded (must have been too much of a pussy to get his hands dirty) over the years against so many innocents, including Americans.

I am not one of those individuals.

I'm hearing some distressing chatter from certain corners regarding the fact that he didn't receive a trial. I counter with this: think about all of the innocent Americans that were just trying to get down dark, smoky stairwells when the towers collapsed on them. Now take that "he didn't get a trial" bullshit and stick it so far up your ass that you're gagging on it.

I'll never get to meet the members of SEAL Team 6 that carried out this mission, and that's a shame. I have no doubt that these quiet men will continue to serve their country just as they did before: quietly, anonymously, and honorably. And though it's a quiet community, they will never have to buy a drink in a military bar for the rest of their days.

To all that put themselves in harm's way to protect America and our way of life, thank you. You will have forever my respect and gratitude.

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Araev16 said...

I feel like I should stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance right now.
Anyone who does not look at these events with pride, respect, and relief just doesn't get it and most likely won't get it.
They are self proclaimed enlightened people who will look down upon people such as ourselves for wishing we could have pulled the trigger ourselves.
I suppose we can go to bed tonight confident we are living in reality and wake up for another day of trying to not let people like that get in the way of real progress.