Saturday, October 8, 2011

0-1, THE SEASON'S OVER... what I'd be typing if I was a Montreal fan.
Overall, it was an entertaining game, though the boys couldn't muster the goals to win it. After the classiest pre-game ceremony I've ever seen, I'm sure they had trouble concentrating. I know I did and all I was doing was sending texts about how badly I wanted Ol' Man Recchi to stay in uniform and pull some shifts.
Couple things:
-Patty Cake, Nipple Cancer and Peverley looked awesome. That line is going to have a HUGE season.
-Seguin already looks like a different player out there. He was going into corners, using his speed and creating chances. As I wrote earlier, he obviously didn't like sitting in the playoffs last year and I think that it has carried over to this new season. He knows that the ball is in his court as to just how much playing time he gets. The extra effort, whether it's on a rush or getting back to help out the D, has to be there on every single shift. Julien has always rewarded the guys that are doing it right with more time, and I think that Seguin will show his true colors this year. He had dominated in junior hockey, but the NHL is just that much faster. That, coupled with playing against grown, nasty men had him running into walls all year. Along with Clark and Caron, he had a few good chances. And that frickin' sizzling wrist shot of his is something to behold.
-How fucking obnoxious is Claude Giroux? I didn't like him during the All-Star Skills Competition, as he was wearing a mic and just couldn't be bothered to spit his Juicy Fruit out. That, coupled with missing front tooth, made him look like he should be giving blowjobs at some glory hole at a Flying Tiger in southwest Lexington. Shoooooooot boy, you got a purdy mouth...
-The numbers on the front of the helmet need to go. Makes everyone look like a Tron reject.
-I was glad to see Bobby Orr on the ice, as I'm sure he needed a distraction from his dumb bitch of a daugther-in-law, who managed to get trashed, wreck her SUV and then pull the Lucic "Do you know who I am" routine.
-Pronger still looks like someone cut the head off of a five year old and slapped it on a sasquatch. And Chris: please get a helmet that fits. I'm sure there is a kid's section in the CCM catalog.
The boys will go against Tampa Bay tonight. I'm thinking that we'll see Tuukka in net. Time to go outside and enjoy some of this I'm sure we won't see the sun again until next May or so.
Go B's.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of Tuukka we get Timmy Thomas making yet ANOTHER diving paddle save across the goal line. I love it, it's like Game 6 all over again.