Saturday, October 15, 2011

Come On, Boys.

Stanley Cup hangover? No such thing.
After seeing the Bruins dramatically under perform in their last two outings, I'm starting to think that the hangover may be a real thing.
They were outskated by the Avs and stimied by the Hurricanes, finally mustering some offense (late though it may have been) in the 3rd period. About the only thing going right so far in this young season is the goaltending. Timmy and Tuukka have been fairly sharp, but the offense has yet to find its groove.
Couple things:
-It looks like Krejci might be missing some time after suffering a "core" injury in practice. I'm honestly surprised that he doesn't get hurt more, as he skates at half speed pretty much all the time and his build does not lend itself to taking hits from big defenseman.
-Seguin did not look out of place centering the top line. The kid has definitely gotten stronger and has shown that he will take a huge hit to make a play...something that was lacking last year. He generally did the patented "Kessel turnaway" when he saw anyone coming to hit him. Seguin's goal against the Hurricanes was about as pretty as a wrist shot can get.
-Looch. Seriously man, what the fuck? You've thrown no hits. You've had no fights. You've had like two decent scoring chances in the past four games. Get it going, lad. It's time to play hockey.
-Like Chuck Norris, the only person that can hurt Adam McQuaid appears to be Adam McQuaid. I think he should be prohibited from trying to hit people in that spot behind the net, as it generally doesn't work out for him. It's kind of scary to see a tough dude like McQuaid obviously off in lala land. Hope he heals up quick.
-I was kind of surprised that Peverley got as much money as he did with the signing of his extension, but he's a good fit on the Bruins. He can play on every line and the effort is always there. I'm hoping some of that will rub off on a few of the other guys (looking at you, Looch).
-The Cup is in Boston (in part) because the Bruins play such a physical game. Sadly, I've seen nothing this year to make me think that the boys are thinking physical this year. They let up before hitting someone, the scrums are minimal and they've yet to have a fight. The Bruins had the 2nd most fighting majors of all teams last year, and I think it's time to get it going. Thornton was trying to get some folks to go with him last game, but no one would oblige. Maybe they should just fast forward to their game with Dallas, as the Stars seem to bring the beast out of everyone.
Blackhawks tonight. An Original 6 match up on a Saturday night. I'm excited to settle in and watch the two best uniforms in the league skate around. I just hope they give me something to cheer about.
Oh yeah, and I am SOOOO fucking happy that Kaberle isn't on the Bruins anymore. Just seeing that stupid fucking red-cheeked, no-chinned tampon of a "man" skating for the Hurricanes the other night pissed me off. The Department of Defense can add "Corky Kaberle" to their list of things that can cause PTSD, along with a deployment to a war zone, Snooki, a sudden and unexpected lack of peanut butter in one's house and Xbox Live going down (oh the humanity).
Go B's.

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