Thursday, October 27, 2011

Time To Turn It Around

To date, the season has been a no-go. Goals seem to be in short supply and the power play still isn't producing. Tonight is the night to turn it around.
I mean seriously, what better way to do it than come out with two wins in a home and home against the Habs?
If it's possible, they've been playing worse than the Bruins and responded by making some coaching changes last night. The Habs have never been ones to take the patient route, instead tying people to posts and burning them alive.
Couple things:
- Chiarelli said he wants Tuukkaa to get some more time. I don't know what it is, but the defensive support is never there when he's in net. They turn into huge babies in front of him and basically let shots come from all angles.
- Corvo hasn't done much for me thus far. He is much faster than Corky Kaberle, but that's not a huge accomplishment. He needs to get his shots through and go up ice more. I'm starting to think that Corvo is this year's Derek Morris experiment.
- Seguin continues to look like a man out there. He is so much more confident and is going into the dirty areas on the ice. Good to see.
- Hopefully Chara won't wear his bunny costume on the ice tonight. I think he should wear it in Montreal, as that place is going to be going insane with him back in the building.
All that being said, this is the time that the boys need to stand up and start playing a full 60 minutes of hockey. If this continues for another 5 games, they could very easily find themselves fighting for their playoff life in December.
Go B's.

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